Sunday, March 26, 2017

Can Someone Control Your Smartphone?

If you hate your kids or younger siblings using your device, changing settings or configurations, you'll really be amazed at what power a manufacturer or wireless provider has to reach into your home and virtually change songs or even disable your device.
It is a real threat. In fact,  Samsung is threatening to do just that to anyone who owns a Galaxy Note 7. Five months ago, the device was voluntarily pulled from circulation.  Now the company is preparing to virtually reach into each of the remaining devices and disable charging, effectively,permanently disabling the device.
Scary? Yes. Am I surprised? No. Do you believe that a company should control a device that you've purchased or do they have an inherit right to disable your device without your permission?

Thursday, November 17, 2016

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL: Get 4 Phones for $30 per line on T-Mobile

T-Mobile CEO Clarifies the pre-Black Friday promotions on Periscope.

Here's the news from Batman's, I mean CEO's mouth:

So, is this enough to make you take the plunge or get in deeper as a current customer?  Let us know in the comment section below, or reach out to us @maestroalvarez or

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

What 5G technology will do for your smartphone's battery life?

Ericsson CEO at MWC (rights go to

We all dream of the day when you can click on a video and have it play instantly.  We don't have time for that buffering circle to cue up for seconds or minutes at a time.  We get more accomplished when we can count on a quick connection.  So, one of the first and most significant advantages of 5G technology deployment is low latency.  Low latency is a measurement of how long it takes to access data.  The lower the latency, the smaller the wait.  So, your device spends less time trying to establish a connection and actually transmits much more quickly.  Spending less time establishing a connection and actually getting the data into your device faster means that your battery is working less time to energize your radio for an extended period of time trying to gain access to data and then transmitting it for a long period of time.  Just like your display, the shorter amount of time it is on, the less battery you use up.  The the much higher bandwidth -that is, the amount of information a connection can handle- on a 5G network provides the ability to improve the speed of the transfer of information as you can carry much more information through a network with higher capacity.  Think of it like a highway.  A two-way two-lane highway is much less efficient than a two-way six-lane high way.  You are able to let through much more traffic through the latter. So goes with a 5G network.  Much more information can go through given capacity of the network.

All of these things point to much longer battery life as your device will be spending less time connected to the tower transferring data.

It appears that the first of the carriers to begin the deployment, albeit partial at first, will be T-Mobile. Neville Ray said during the Competitive Carriers Association earlier this month that their network will be up to one thousand times faster that the current 4G connections, citing industry experts.  Their bold and aggressive UNcarrier moves will no doubt continue to add value to their customer base as all major wireless carriers battle for the top spot.  The winners: smartphone batteries and of course, you -the mobile consumer.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Things are getting REALLY HOT for Samsung

The most recent of headlines really has some wondering if Samsung is in for a shocking plummeting of stock value, given recent claims that its devices are causing even vehicles (containing their devices) to go KABOOM!  In fact according to sources, the FAA strongly advises ALL Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices be stowed and turned off during flights; in stark contrast to progressively relaxed rules concerning electronic devices.  This comes after nearly 4 dozen devices out of millions (to keep it in perspective) have randomly exploded.  One claim as show in the picture below, proceeds to fault Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 for a car fire, according to ABC News.  

For now, we must wait to see how this situation turns out for Samsung, but something tells me that Samsung is in a hot mess and will truly take a market hit.  News comes at a very convenient time for Apple as they recently announced the launch of its new flagship device, the iPhone 7.  One thing is clear.  Lithium batteries need to be phased out as manufacturers phase in graphene and other materials of the future that will take our devices to new heights in terms of battery power.  

Either way, a plane is indeed safer, if all devices containing Lithium batteries were to be turned off. So, are you in the market for the device that is all the talk of town as well as local fire departments as well as the FAA? or will you just sit tight until all of this cools down?  Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to follow our YouTube Channel: CellPhonius for the latest in tech news and views that you can use.


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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Here's why.

(Rights: Samuel L. Livingston/Flickr)

When looking at tech and tech trends as well as news, it helps to think outside the box.  Sometimes things make sense, sometimes not.  Thus, I propose a new idea that might explain why we will never see a Samsung Galaxy Note 6.  Samsung's main competitor is not another Android manufacturer/OEM.  They have left that competition far behind.  Samsung's main competitor is Apple's iPhone.  With the iPhone now coming out with the 7 and 7 Plus, it would appear that Samsung is behind if it launched the Samsung Galaxy Note 6.  Instead, the brilliant minds at Samsung likely thought that it would make more strategic sense to launch the next iteration of the Galaxy Note series of devices with the "7" brand.  Not to confuse buyers, but to not appear to be behind.  What would you rather have, a 6 phone or a 7 phone?

So, there you have it... my thoughts on why Samsung decided to name the next big thing the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Is Apple an Android Copy Cat?

(courtesy of

Am I the only one that believes that Apple's new 3D Touch technology is nothing but a recycled technological improvement?  See, back when Samsung launched the Galaxy S4, I remember that one of their features in that powerhouse of a phone was AirView, which worked like this:

You hover your finger above the screen and you could use that to preview a picture or an email, even move within a video to preview what was ahead.  Add to that the additional functionality that the Note Series gave you of being able to preview a link using the same gesture with their proprietary S-Pen.

I am just tired of seeing technologies swiped from companies only to be called great technological advancements by Apple.  Don't get me wrong, I believe that Apple makes solid phones.  If I had to chose between a flip phone, a BlackBerry or an Apple device, I would certainly choose the iPhone.  However, I do believe that Apple needs to begin innovating and not swiping technologies and repackaging them as new ideas.  I am not saying that Sammy, HTC, and the others don't do it to, but Apple is quite the leader in this field of recycling technologies and claiming to be the inventors.  Don't believe me?  Take the HTC Evo, THE FIRST phone to have a front facing camera with video chat capabilities.  Not a month later, Apples leader proclaimed that their Apple iPhone 4 had the first front facing video chat capability phone in the world.  Uhhh No!  Not true.  Sprint's Evo was the first to hold the title.  I'm sorry Apple, but you were second; and are frequently second in every other innovative technology launched.  What Apple DID start and did so quite well -gotta give credit where credit is due- is the iPad.  That is still proving to be a very formidable device.  I still believe, that the Note Pro 12.2 gives any iPad a run for its money.

Ok, I've said my peace.  Now it is your turn to chime in.  Let us know what you think.  Is Apple a true innovator or just better at marketing their "new" features?

Hit me up on Twitter @maestroalvarez and on Google Plus at +DannyAlvarez  OR go subscribe to my YouTube Channel and comment on this article there.  A video is comming on this subject.  I would be really interested in sharing your thoughts with my subscribers and will commit to shoutouts during my video.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Personal Hologram Technology Seeks Crowdfunding

The internet of things has given birth to a myriad of technologies that help make life a little more simple.  One such technology is more of an enrichment "mini Siri" movement using avatars that materialize in the form of desktop hologram.

That is what Japanese company, Gatebox creator is hoping to bring.

This little gadget's holographic "assistant" comes to life (in a wide choice of characters) aims to help you by connecting various things like the internet and other consumer electronics around your household.  For instance, it can tell you the weather as well as having the ability to turn devices in your household on and off.  This little gadget recognizes the user's behavior in a variety of sensors mounted on the body.  This allows the avatar to greet you in the morning, when you wake up.  (How it works when you get up to relieve your bladder, I'm not sure)

I would be really interested in picking celebrities to wake me up, tell me the weather, and greet me when I walk in the door.

Well, this technology will be up for crowdfunding in the fall of 2016.  What features would you like this little avatar to have?  Would you buy one?  If so, what price point would you be willing to pay?

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Has T-Mobile's CEO John Legere FINALLY gotten to AT&T?

CEO John Legere, while attracting much critizism due to his foul language and agressive antics, can definitely be credited for changing the face of wireless.  Thankfully, this has been for the better with every change he announces.

Each UNcarrier move that T-Mobile has launched has spurred a response from its major competitors.  Most notable are the moves of the two giant wireless companies.  Well, in a move to try to emulate T-Mobile aka Magenta, AT&T has launched a campaign to recover as many lost customers from T-Mobile as possible.  Namely, offering "unlimited" data (with a 22GB soft cap whereby they slow user speed to 2G speeds).

The Catch

The catch is that you must subscribe to DirectTV while being a wireless customer of AT&T.  

The Good News
Current customers who are already subscribers of DirectTV and are AT&T wireless customers can make use of this promotion by simply going into their account and changing plans.

Monday, January 11, 2016

T-Mobile CEO, John Legere Apologizes to EFF for BingeOn Response

(courtesy of  Wikimedia)

T-Mobile is innovative. T-Mobile is great for consumers at its very core.  T-Mobile is a market changer as it has forced the competition to give customers more than they have ever dreamed they would get from the two largest wireless companies in the USA: AT&T and Verizon.  
Where the witty, yet foul-mouthed, CEO struck a nerve in the social media circles is when he asked "who the F*** EFF was?", apparently upset at the probe or independent test EFF (Electrontic Frontier Foundation), an international non-profit digital rights group, based in the United States.

Well, in an interesting turn of events, after an EFF partner removed their site from the BingOn program, a program that allows T-Mobile Customers with Simple Choice plans above 2gb per month of 4G LTE data, the market moving CEO released a letter to Consumers about BingeOn.

In it, he clarifies the motive behind BingeOn, defends T-Mobile's "pro" Net Neutrality stance as well as apologized to EFF for offending them and their supporters.

Here is a snippet of what Legere said in his letter:

"...I will however apologize for offending EFF and its supporters.  Just because we don't completely agree on all aspects of Binge On doesn't mean I don't see how they fight for consumers. We both agree that it is important to protect consumers' rights and to give customers value..."

In my opinion, alot of grief could have been avoided by not automatically opting everyone, EVEN UNLIMITED CUSTOMERS, in to Binge On; a feature they would have to turn off.  So, in the most vanilla sense, customers did not have a choice to TURN BINGE ON OFF.  They were forced to have to turn it OFF themselves or suffer "optimized" (or as EFF says downgraded) video streaming.  I think turning it on as a default hurt the credibility of the company that launched the service as a completely optional service.

They did, however, at launch and thereafter, tell T-Mobile customers they were free to turn the service off.  I just don't happen to agree with the roll out although I totally love the fact that BingeOn is an option for all T-Mobile consumers (with data bucket plans, not those with UNLIMITED plans).

It is good to see that T-Mobile's Legere did the right thing and apologized publicly, while clarifying his company's offering and motives.

More power to you, Magenta! Keep those UNcarrier customer pain-point-addressing moves coming, just make sure the consumers feel like they are in control and enroll the media outlets to help explain how the new move works and how to take control over your account.

Friday, January 8, 2016

T-Mobile, John Legere - I apologize (RE: BingeOn post)

The truth is that when you are right, you are right.  And when you are wrong, you are wrong.  Well, I have some apologizing to do.
(courtesy: T-Mobile USA, Inc.)

As an UNlimited subscriber on T-Mobile's network, I do not require the BingeOn feature, but it was still activated on my account. I suppose, if you wanted to be completely transparent as T-Mobile, you would have announced that ALL customers from 3gig plans and above, but exclude the unlimited subscribers.  This would ensure they would not suffer any changes to a service billed as unlimited.

Long story short, I did not know that my account would be activated on BingeOn given my status as an unlimited customer.  My wife and I signed up to the 2 lines for $100 unlimited talk, text, and data.  We would not need to stretch our data.  That is still something I do not understand.

However, I had claimed that I had turned off BingeOn when, in fact, I logged on to and turned off BingeOn on my wife's line only (by accident). It was not spelled out that you would have to turn off BingeOn from ALL devices on your account.  Perhaps I just missed it, but I went on to complain that streaming videos over 480p was practically impossible.

Well, as it turns out, I corrected that yesterday.  A couple of minutes after turning BingeOn off, restarted my phone and was able to stream 1440p content with no problems.

I, thus, apologize to my audience and to T-Mobile and their leadership, for unknowingly misleading you by describing my experience, when infact, my BingeOn was actually activated at the time that I was trying to view content at bit rates higher than 480p.

I have no agenda.  I am just a consumer who likes to share my experiences, thoughts, and views online on both my blog and YouTube channels.  I did not mean to cast T-Mobile in a bad light.  I was only expressing my frustration as a consumer.  It taught me a lesson, however.  To make sure that what I states are facts to the best of my ability.  I appreciate and truly value all of my followers on social media and promise to continue to bring you the latest news and views that you can use.


Danny Alvarez
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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Is T-Mobile Slowing Down your YouTube Streaming?

YouTube is reportedly claiming that T-Mobile is throttling their service, even for Unlimited customers, even though the video streaming service is not part of their BingeOn program.  It appears that all streaming services are being affected by this situation.

In fact, I was noticing that I, myself, cannot watch 2k videos, even when my speed could clearly support even 4K streaming at full speed.  My speed, the other night, was 100Mbps... and still, I could not watch anything above 480p.  That is definitely fishy.

T-Mobile stated that customers have the option of turning off BingeOn which should fix the streaming quality, buffering issue.  I can say, that, at least in my case, it did not work.  YouTube may be right about their claim.  Regardless, as an UNLIMITED customer, I feel cheated by what appears to be accross-the-board throttling (or "deprioritization").  Whetever the case, I love Magenta, but they have to fix this issue, sooner rather than later.  Or else, I see a very expensive battle with Alphabet (YouTube's parent company).  I am amazed that UNLIMITED customers have not come forward to claim that they are being sold an unlimited plan and now, even during your first byte of information, you may be throttled, if you are attempting to watch a YouTube video.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

iPhone 7 - No standard earphones??

If you are like me, an audiophile, there is nothing better than pumping that beautiful music into your eardrums via the most beautifully, most comfortable earphones that come in my iPhone case.  If that's you too, you may be in for a surprise during the coming iteration of the popular device.

Yes, 3D Touch is nice, 4K video recording is amazing, and LivePhotos are the bomb, but the new device will NOT come with the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack.  That's right, no headphone jack to plug in all of those sets of earphones you have at home.  In fact, there is word that smart headphones are in the making for the popular handset.  In fact, these headphones may make use of the technology of the digital connection the Lightning port makes available.  The new smart-earphones, for instance will be able to interact with apps.  Will they have temperature sensors to add to the health app?  Will they be able to adjust automatically, using smart "listening" technology?  Will they be programmable to lower when you are in an office environment?  Well, patents have been filed by Apple that suggest that auto-volume is in the works for consumers that purchase their next iPhone.

Whatever the case, it is more likely that you will loose non-wired (OK, wireless) headphones.  Also, with non-standard 3.5mm jacks, Apple can make the new earphones proprietary.  How, however, will Apple allow users to utilize their new headphones with their old devices?  Will you need to carry two pairs of earphones?  Only time will tell.  Keep it tuned in here and check back for the latest.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

NEVER HIT PAUSE - T-Mobile's UNcarrier 10

I am going to make this short and sweet.  John Legere has been all about giving customers what they want.  To this effect, he has UNleashed customers from those pesky contracts, UNleashed them from having to pay a premium for a phone, even after the two year mark of having the device.  He has simplified the plans, offered UNbelievable prices -giving customers more data for less, liberated music streaming in the form of free data for customers to enjoy unlimited music streaming.  Now, John is getting ready to have you "never hit pause".  In my opinion, this will mean unlimited video streaming.  Which services will be included, no one knows, except the executive and marketing teams of T-Mobile, but I can say this.  The next announcement will have "dumb and dumber" as John Legere calls AT&T and Verizon shaking in their boots, bleeding customers to Magenta's (T-Mobile's) gain.

Is John Legere about to free ALL limits, announcing UNLIMITED data for all?  With LTE technologies quickly advancing, there is no telling if that is on the table.  What do you think T-Mobile will announce on November 10th?  Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Twitter (@maestroalvarez) or on GooglePlus +Danny Alvarez

Write in to us to with your thoughts if you wish.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Race to 5G LTE

(photo by Nokia)

Verizon announced, yesterday, that they will be investing their resources heavily to be amoung the first to launch their 5G LTE network.  Research and development will be their main focus during the coming quarters.  All the while, Nokia and others have been barreling towards the launch of this very quick technology advancement for over one year now.  Do you think Asia will beat the America to 5G network launch?  Let us know and why.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Did Spigen just make THE case for Note 5 Smartphones?

Your hard-earned money is well invested in the new version of powerhouse phones.  Protecting that investment is crucial as it can be very expensive to replace the device.  To this effect, I ordered a case for my Note 5 shortly after receiving the phone.  I would usually do it prior to ordering the phone, but I was torn between the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

What I hate most about cases is that they usually change the character of the phone.  For instance, for all of the beautiful design improvements that Samsung made from the Note 3 to the Note 4, I ended up using one of my favorite cases, from Caseology.  At the end they were almost indistinguishable!  My wife ended up asking me frequently which device was hers.  Now having bought the newest iteration of the Galaxy Note series, I would have to choose a new case again.

I am big on design, so I would not want to cover the phone's beautiful new design.  So, I took a risk and bought a clear case.  It is a case made by Spigen.  I love the way that it does not detract from the beauty of my phone.  In fact, it is quite invisible in person.  Super-clear, high quality, durable material is what this case is made of.  With the built-in side impact air cushion, I am no longer afraid of letting my kids play with my phone outside of the bedroom, on the mattress; their former area they were restricted to when wanting to explore the new tech toy.  I am not one to like screen protectors.  So, I do not have one, although if you are one that likes them, I recommend the JETech glass screen protector found here.  For just $9.99 + Shipping unless you want to become an Amazon Prime Member, for FREE shipping if you like the case, grab one here ===>

Friday, August 28, 2015

Easy fix for S-Pen Issue on Galaxy Note 5 (video)

As many of you have heard already, a number of people have gotten their S-Pen stuck inside of their devices for having inserted the S-Pen backwards.  Since it is viewed as a user-error and the device was not used as designed and shown on Samsung's promotional and how to videos, the users with this issue could be stuck paying the bill for the fix.

Well, there is an easy fix that YouTube Channel How2Tech has put out, explaining exactly how to fix the issue.

Here is their video.  Enjoy!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Will SD Cards, Removable Batteries be a Thing of the Past?

Two markets that will be negatively impacted by Samsung with their latest design model are expandable memory companies and after-market battery manufacturers.  That is, if I was ZeroLemon, Laza Wireless, Lenmar, or Ontrion I would be looking for ways to make cases that feature on-the-go charging options.  Few OEMs have the influence in mobile tech economics than Samsung does.  Their global footprint in the area of smartphones is quite impressive.  Now, thanks to the two largest phone manufacturers, Apple and Samsung, there will likely be a flood of sd cards, sitting in warehouses, collecting dust.  The prices have to follow suit as less people will need these, competition for these will go to an all-time low.   All of that, thanks, in great part, to Samsung's newest flagship devices.

Having said that, not all is lost.  Now, those that sell external battery packs, aka battery banks, may well see a steep increase in sales.  Whatever the case, as long as there is a way for money to be made, technology giants like Apple and Samsung will continue to spur business opportunities that employ hundreds of thousands if not millions of jobs world-wide.  Namely, case manufacturers, screen protector manufacturers, screen and mobile phone repair shops, mobile accessory retail outlets, as well as the shipping companies that move the supplies throughout the globe.

Either way, in our belief, there will always be companies that will give their customers the expandable storage option that many crave.  Will it be enough to turn the tide and keep the SDcard and after-market battery businesses from collapsing?  Only time will tell.  What do you think?  Should Samsung & Apple bring back SD cards and bring back (in the case of Samsung) removable batteries?

Monday, August 17, 2015

FM Radio Coming to a Smartphone Near You

Everyone knows who the most revolutionary wireless carrier is:  T-Mobile, The UNcarrier, with it's unconventional business moves has shifted trends and turned the industry on its head to make changes that customers love and have added to TMUS's bottom line.

So, what's next?  T-Mobile's own CEO, John Legere, fired up a tweet exclaiming: "Hey @NextRadioApp - We heard you! We're saying yes to FM chip and will push our OEM partners to support!

This move is a no-brainer for a company that is poised to be one of the only wireless companies that offers unlimited data, as it will relieve the data demand on their network.  After all, most people are either streaming music or videos on their devices.  Reduce the number of folks listening to streaming music and you have got some data that can relieve network constraints while the next gen technologies are implemented.

What do you think about being able to stream live radio via an antenna on your smartphone?  It is already being done in other countries.  In fact, the USA is the only country where carriers either disable or uninstall the hardware that allows you to listen to radio using a built-in antenna right on your mobile device.

Could streaming local TV be the next move?  One could only hope a digital tuner could stream television without killing your battery, but that's another story.  Battery technology is already in the works to support such functions.  In fact, the next series of Galaxy devices to be deployed in 2016 will feature battery technology that will blow your mind.  Don't say we did not tell you.

Until then, we're happy to stream all the music we can both online and now, locally, thanks to Magenta's forward-looking CEO, John Legere.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Will Apple Regain Traction in the Tablet Market?

Oh...the iconic iPad!  It was a much more nimble and versatile device than a laptop and typically had better battery life, making it a no-brainer to switch or at least begin a transition between laptops and tablets.  Then, came the large screen smartphone, making it less appealing to lug around with a large tablet.  At this time, people are very much addicted to their large-screen phablets; even those who at first thought of large screen phones as an unlikely and burdensome scenario.

I firmly believe that the reason Apple originally did not want to get into the phablet market is that it would potentially shrink its iPad growth.  

With more and more people buying 5 to 6” phablets, less people see it as absolutely necessary to buy a large tablet, even more so since the tablets are not usually subsidized or on payment plans.  

What will Apple do to regain some traction and reignite consumer attraction for the love of tablets?  I would like to learn your thoughts on what it would take for you to find it absolutely irresistible to buy a large tablet from companies like Apple.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

T-Mobile Announces UNcarrier Amped! Part 2

For those of you that have family in or travel to Mexico or Canada, AND you are on a Simple Choice plan, post or prepaid, you are in for a great deal!

T-Mobile CEO, John Legere, COO Mike Sievert and CTO Braxton Carter took to Periscope and Twitter to announce their plans to allow, starting next Wednesday (July 15th of 2015), all Simple Choice customers to expand their home network for calls, texts, and data to Canada, Mexico, and the United States.  This means that you can make and receive calls, send text messages and use your data plan "bucket" no matter which of the three countries you are in, as a T-Mobile customer.

(Sorry, I could not wait... Had to make the announcement, live)