Thursday, September 22, 2016

What 5G technology will do for your smartphone's battery life?

Ericsson CEO at MWC (rights go to

We all dream of the day when you can click on a video and have it play instantly.  We don't have time for that buffering circle to cue up for seconds or minutes at a time.  We get more accomplished when we can count on a quick connection.  So, one of the first and most significant advantages of 5G technology deployment is low latency.  Low latency is a measurement of how long it takes to access data.  The lower the latency, the smaller the wait.  So, your device spends less time trying to establish a connection and actually transmits much more quickly.  Spending less time establishing a connection and actually getting the data into your device faster means that your battery is working less time to energize your radio for an extended period of time trying to gain access to data and then transmitting it for a long period of time.  Just like your display, the shorter amount of time it is on, the less battery you use up.  The the much higher bandwidth -that is, the amount of information a connection can handle- on a 5G network provides the ability to improve the speed of the transfer of information as you can carry much more information through a network with higher capacity.  Think of it like a highway.  A two-way two-lane highway is much less efficient than a two-way six-lane high way.  You are able to let through much more traffic through the latter. So goes with a 5G network.  Much more information can go through given capacity of the network.

All of these things point to much longer battery life as your device will be spending less time connected to the tower transferring data.

It appears that the first of the carriers to begin the deployment, albeit partial at first, will be T-Mobile. Neville Ray said during the Competitive Carriers Association earlier this month that their network will be up to one thousand times faster that the current 4G connections, citing industry experts.  Their bold and aggressive UNcarrier moves will no doubt continue to add value to their customer base as all major wireless carriers battle for the top spot.  The winners: smartphone batteries and of course, you -the mobile consumer.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Things are getting REALLY HOT for Samsung

The most recent of headlines really has some wondering if Samsung is in for a shocking plummeting of stock value, given recent claims that its devices are causing even vehicles (containing their devices) to go KABOOM!  In fact according to sources, the FAA strongly advises ALL Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices be stowed and turned off during flights; in stark contrast to progressively relaxed rules concerning electronic devices.  This comes after nearly 4 dozen devices out of millions (to keep it in perspective) have randomly exploded.  One claim as show in the picture below, proceeds to fault Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 for a car fire, according to ABC News.  

For now, we must wait to see how this situation turns out for Samsung, but something tells me that Samsung is in a hot mess and will truly take a market hit.  News comes at a very convenient time for Apple as they recently announced the launch of its new flagship device, the iPhone 7.  One thing is clear.  Lithium batteries need to be phased out as manufacturers phase in graphene and other materials of the future that will take our devices to new heights in terms of battery power.  

Either way, a plane is indeed safer, if all devices containing Lithium batteries were to be turned off. So, are you in the market for the device that is all the talk of town as well as local fire departments as well as the FAA? or will you just sit tight until all of this cools down?  Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to follow our YouTube Channel: CellPhonius for the latest in tech news and views that you can use.


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