Friday, March 6, 2015

Is Verizon Trying to One-Up T-Mobile's UNcarrier 9 Movement?

According to our sources, Verizon announced, today, that they would have new business wireless plans whereby the businesses can buy certain allotments of data and allocate them however these businesses decide to use them across their mobile phone or mobile WiFi Hot-spot users.  That is a company will be able to assign Executive staff a higher allotment than sales staff, for instance, if they wish to do so, to better suit their business needs.  Additionally, business lines will be given unlimited talk and text both inside and outside the United States.  No details were given on the pricing of these plans but we did learn that these plans will be available to business before the end of March.

With T-Mobile's UNcarrier 9 movement likely having all to do with business accounts, it will be very interesting how T-Mobile's Legere, who has brought the company back from being an UNprofitable company to being the company that others in the wireless industry are emulating.  I would put money on T-Mobile allotting all business mobile phones UNLIMITED 4G LTE data, talk, and text as well as expanding coverage to faster 4G (and possibly 5G in some countries) unlimited international data.  Current roaming agreements with international carriers have allowed T-Mobile to allow all of its Simple Choice Plan users to avail internet practically anywhere in the world, albeit EDGE or WiFi Calling, which I expect T-Mobile to also expand to all business users too.  Whatever T-Mobile's move will be, I can assure you it will be UNmatched by the competition.  

To (even) better position itself in the wireless market, T-Mobile must make even more robust its wireless network and feverishly working to expand its network footprint and increase the quality, likely through the procurement of more low-band or wide-band spectrum.  

Either way, thanks to T-Mobile, again, all other carriers' customers will likely feel the impact of the forward-thinking, savvy CEO, John Legere as #theothers, as John calls them, follow (or try to, anyways).

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Galaxy Note 3 and 4 Updated, With Issues?

A number of CellPhonius readers have expressed their dismay with the newest update to their Galaxy Note 3s and 4s.  Here are  two issues that we expect will be ironed out in upcoming OTA (over the air) updates.

1)  Alarms will no longer have sound when you have your phone on silent or vibrate

2) If your phone is on silent (not vibrate), your LED notification lights will not activate

Let us know if you notice any others. 

On a side note, the reason that the Galaxy Note 3 got the update before the Galaxy Note 4 is that there were compatibility issues with the Gear VR and the Note 4 after the update.  Once they have that resolved, you should see an update come to your phone.

Do you think they should have waited to have the issue resolved or just push the update to the Galaxy Note 4 and send a patch later?