Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another Android Phone - Can You Keep Up?

With an average of one brand new Android "Super Phone" per month being launched, people are wondering whether to stick to their devices and wait until the "ultimate" device is made or to buy the latest and greatest.  It is obviously the never-ending race to always stay ahead.  It can get frustrating, tiring, and darn right expensive!  So what tis the smart consumer to do?  Well, there is no black and white answer.  A consumer must be willing to make a choice based on the current marketplace.  For instance, those who bought the Nexus One, THE official Google Phone, are quite happy with their handsets' performance.

Even developers and cell phone gurus have been, for the most part, keeping their Nexus One phones.  The bottom line is that, unless your livelihood depends on the having, reviewing, or selling the latest and greatest device on the market, the stress is quite unnecessary.
Up until the end of 2008, the Motorola Razr was still a pretty hot phone.  Not so anymore!  It is soooo yesterday!  To show you how absurdly quick phones are phasing out as of late consider a report by Chris Davies, from Android Community, who reported the following: 
"Verizon’s DROID X has only just gone on sale – and is already sold out, with new deliveries not expected until July 23rd – but the carrier is already looking to phase out its predecessor.  According to a leaked screenshot, 

Droid Forums received from the carrier’s systems, both the Motorola DROID A855 and the DEVOUR A555 are being classed end-of-life, with “limited or no remaining shipments from the vendor”.   It’s unclear how much time that gives would-be DROID (or indeed DEVOUR) owners to pick up their handset of choice, so we’d advise ringing ahead to check your local Verizon store has them in stock.  Both are currently available for order via the carrier’s website." -Droid Forums and Android Community

CellPhonius recommendation:

Make an informed decision on the very best phone for your preferred use and keep it for at least the length of your contract. If text messaging is your thing, get a messaging phone.  If you're into social networking, then one of the latest and greatest may offer you the best choices.  The Evo 4G featuring QIK, the Samsung Vibrant featuring the Amazon Kindle app, MobiTV service, and The Sims 3 game, the iPhone 4 featuring great media rich apps with the best market place known to date.

Either way, savor the technology rich masterpieces that are being created online before you buy and ask as many questions as you can about the device, the carrier, as well as the service plans available to satisfy your needs and budget.

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