Monday, November 25, 2013

The Galaxy S5 - A flexible ALUMINUM body phone?

There is no stopping Samsung.  The giant OEM is cooking up what may be the best-selling phone of 2014, with specs to amaze and gimmicks to impress all of our tech-craving associates.  But what may could the Samsung Galaxy S5 look like?  Well, our friends over a Android Algerie TV think they have a pretty good guess.  What's more, the render is BEAUTIFUL!  Let's see what my next phone is going to look like?  Also, don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel here: CellPhonius Youtube Channel


  1. This is definitely a probability for the Galaxy S5. But it will have the same back cover as the Galaxy Note 3

  2. This is definitely a probability of what the Galaxy S5 will look like but with the same backing as the current Note 3. Plus a redesign of the Nature UI

  3. The S5 is unlikely, I would even go as far as saying quite highly unlikely to have the same backing as the Note 3. In fact, I'd be more than surprised if the S5 or Note 4 either one have the Note 3 faux leather backing. Samsung is looking to go more premium in 2014 with their build materials and a refined/revamped software experience. Expect a totally reimagined Touchwiz to be not as resource intensive as recent TW versions and one of two build materials. A carbon fiber composite or the much more likely all aluminum build. We have definitely seen the last of plastic or faux leather on Samsung flagships. Those days are over.


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