Friday, January 3, 2014

AT&T's "Copycat Move" that Doesn't Add Up

Here's the AT&T "Offer" to counter T-Mobile's not yet announced Early Termination Fee subsidy.

“Beginning Jan. 3, under the limited-time offer, T-Mobile customers who switch to AT&T can trade-in their current smartphone for a promotion card of up to $250, which can be used toward AT&T products and services.  Trade-in values will vary based on make, model and age of the smartphone, but many of the latest and most popular smartphones will qualify for a value of $250.  T-Mobile customers can receive an additional $200 credit per line when they transfer their wireless service to AT&T and choose an AT&T NextSM plan, buy a device at full retail price or activate a device they currently own.1″

"....Requires port-in of eligible T-Mobile wireless number. Must activate own phone, non-commitment phone, or phone on an AT&T NextSM installment agreement with a qualifying plan (voice and data). Must maintain service and good standing status for 90 days to receive credit"
AT&T Data Cost - Closest to Unlimited Talk/Text/Data on T-Mobile

So, I'll give them my $766.41 ($708+58.41 taxes) Galaxy Note 3 and they will give me "up to" $250?  Then, I will get $200 credit toward service with them minus $36?  It seems like I would be $350+ in the whole IF I got the full amounts offered, plus I will be paying $415/mo for their highest data option (50GB) or $400/mo if I'm on their Next upgrade plan, that's NOT counting insurance and taxes.  So, let see.... $70/month or $400/month.  Thanks, but no thanks, AT&T.  You can keep your "free money" and rip off someone else.  As for me and my family, we're sticking to T-Mobile.  

Why copy cat? That's why it is in parenthesis on the article.  Rumorville seems to have given AT&T the idea.  This was a preemptive move by AT&T.  All of their recent moves have mimmicked UNcarrier moves.  This one, in my humble opinion, is not an exception.  Brilliantly executed by AT&T, yet thought up by Legere himself.

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