Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Unlimited vs. Unlimited - T-Mobile Changes

High profile reporting has been spotted throughout the internet, detailing the new rules the FCC has imposed on T-Mobile's communications with their customers regarding how they throttle their customers' internet when they go over their allotment.  Truth be told, it is rather confusing as a customer to hear the word UNLIMITED and THROTTLED in the same sentence.  

Perhaps T-Mobile should say they offer an UNLIMITED plan and several plans with tiered data thresholds after-which you can continue consuming internet  at speeds that cause apps and other internet websites to stall or timeout.  This would be truly transparent, in my humble opinion.  What do you think?  Should a network be advertising UNLIMITED data with no clear mention of speeds.  Having said that, I really do believe that T-Mobile offers the most compelling wireless offering.  I also love that John Legere and his executive staff listens to customers. 

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