Friday, May 29, 2015

Why Truly UNLIMITED mobile data plans will NOT die

I am going to give you a very simplistic explanation of why I believe that truly unlimited data will not go away.  In fact, I am going to go against the grain and propose that the articles suggesting the end of truly unlimited data are just apocalyptic attention grabbers; the same as CEO Marcelo Claure's remarks about the how unsustainable such an offering would be, on the long run.  What short-sighted comment that was!

A true visionary, like T-Mobile CEO John Legere, would likely agree that with the adoption of newer technologies, you simply will not have a need to cancel truly unlimited data.  Instead, the fact of the matter is that 5G, next-generation mobile networks are expected to achieve a 1,000-fold capacity.  The network providers that invest NOW in their infrastructure will be poised to be able to meet demand, easily. 

Add to that what one of the leaders in the development and proliferation of new cellular technologies, Nokia, has to say about network capacity in one of their publications:

"Innovative technologies will be needed in three key areas to maximize the efficiency of the HSPA and LTE layers, use all spectrum from 700 MHz to 3600 MHz, and increase network density by adding small cells.  Not only will this provide the required capacity, it also promises to
cut the operator’s total production cost for each gigabyte of data by a factor of 100 compared with typical levels today. By taking this path, operators will be able to profitably deliver one gigabyte of
personalized data per user per day to meet subscriber expectations for even more personalized and affordable mobile broadband."


In simple words: If someone needs to download a 1 gigabyte file at 7mbps then it will take them about 20 minutes. But at 50mbps it take well under 5 minutes to download the file and use less bandwidth.  IF that customer is being throttled at 256kbps its going to take almost 10 hours to download the same file.  In effect speed is an important factor in solving network congestion issues, not limiting the amount of data a person has access to.  Inconsistencies in speed will be greatly reduced as technologies are upgraded. 

Unlimited texts and calling were hardly heard of 10 years ago, and look where we are now, in that regards.  I think truly unlimited plans will be the ONLY plan networks will sell, in the future.  Which network will be the first to offer this?  Only time will tell.  I am willing to tell you who is UNwilling to just sit there and let capacity issues get in the way of UNprecedented growth.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Why Verizon will not have WiFi anytime soon

WiFi calling is amazing when you do not have a strong signal indoors, below ground or so far above ground that the signal from the tower is hard to reach your smartphone's antennae.  WiFi calling also helps ease network congestion by routing calls using your ISP rather than the cell tower to make your calls.  It also enables networks, like T-Mobile, to offer free or very low cost calling from anywhere in the world to your home country.

A comment by milan03 on Howardforums summed it up quite nicely, technical details and all :

"In order for a wireless operator to launch "The Next Generation" WiFi Calling (VoWiFi) service that we're seeing today on devices like Apple's iPhone 6 coupled with T-Mobile, operator is required to perform the following upgrades:

1) Invest into core network infrastructure upgrade in order to provide secure AMR-WB HD Voice service over the VoWiFi bearer. ePDG is needed.
2) Launch (preferably nationwide) VoLTE service, so that the user has that seamless voice fallback to and from the VoLTE bearer.

You may ask then how's Sprint doing it on an iPhone 6. Well their backend solution isn't seamless, calls drop when you lose WiFi since they don't have VoLTE deployed anywhere. Also, early reports show that WiFi Calls on Sprint with iPhone aren't HD quality. This could be due to calls potentially being transcoded from Sprint's native EVRC-NW voice codec used on their CDMA network to industry standard AMR-WB/NB.

The real question is would Verizon be interested in any kind of compromise when it comes to voice service. The answer is most likely not.

And since they already have nationwide VoLTE fully launched, they need to implement ePDG in order to leverage this feature and do it right.

I'm not very convinced that Verizon and AT&T are in a hurry to make this kind of investment, but it would definitely benefit their subscribers."

Certainly the advantages of WiFi calling are many.  T-Mobile was the first to make the leap to make it a feature on all of the phones they sell.  It will only be relatively short while before you, Verizon Wireless subscribers, will get this unique and useful feature on your smartphones.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Is a Samsung Galaxy Note Laptop Next?

With our modern smartphones become more powerful and versitile than ever, innovations will continue to flow whereby your smartphone will perhaps not replace your laptop or notebook but instead, be part of your larger device.  The marriage of both platforms is appealing to many people.  To date, though, the marriage of a laptop and a mobile device has not been tried.

The closest concept to this was one that actually hit the market two years ago as Asus -the computer and mobile making powerhouse- ventured into making a 10 inch tablet with a docking station inside the tablet that fit their Transformer phone, which "transoformed" into a tablet by docking it to the tablet carcass, which -on its own- is of little utility.

A snapshot of a patent request made by the Korean mega-tech company, Samsung, has been making the rounds overnight, showcasing a new phablet + laptop marriage.  That is Samsung speaking to business people and executives.  Whether this, I would assume, Android phone can run in dual boot  Windows mode when docked is still a mystery.  It would, however, be a match made in heaven.  Both platforms would truly make waves in a new way of utilizing their strengths to bring in a new era of more comprehensive multitasking in mobility.  I wonder why Apple has not "married" an iPhone with a Powerbook.  Perhaps the computing power of an iPhone still leaves something to be desired to truly work as seamlessly as one would hope for.

We know that nano-technology is an accelerating industry which will bring smaller and faster chips that will soon be able to truly work at an unprecedented level.

Would you buy such a combination device?  How much would you pay?  Is this what we can expect to launch with the newest iteration of Samsung's phablet Note line or is this the beginning of a new Phablet class?

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Pacman With These Great Accessories

Who did not enjoy the hours upon hours of time on the gaming consoles of yesteryear, playing PacMan?  Everyone did. Even a generation later, there are very few kids that do not know about the addictive game.  That was OUR Minecraft back then.  Well, to help you celebrate PacMan in style in a very techie way, our very own Danny has the top 10 techbuys to memorialize the epic game, simple as it was.  You can find

#5  PacMan Audio Speaker

Measures 2 Watts of power in this compact frame
  • Measures 3.5 mm audio cable included (easily connect most MP3 players)
  • Automatically switches on when audio cable is connected and switches off when not connected
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries

  • #4 Pac-Man Sticker pack for laptop

    #3 Pac-Man Foldable Headphones

    Classic Black and Yellow PacMan Headphones

  • Compact Folding Design for easy storage
  • 40mm Drivers with 18-20k Hz Frequency Response
  • Gold plated 3.5mm Stereo Jack
  • 1.5 meter long audio cable

    #2 Pac-Man Plug-N-Play

    Wireless Infra-Red RC Racer RED GHOST
  • With Authentic Pac-Man Sounds
  • Works up to 30 Feet

  • #1 Pac-Man Heat change Mug

    • Pour hot liquid in mug to see Pac-Man and other characters

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    Thursday, May 7, 2015

    BlackBerry goes UNcarrier, this Time Around

    In true #ThrowbackThursday Style, T-Mobile is billing this comeback as a union of "two companies that listen to their customers".  The anouncement details that "The blackBerry Classic will be available bgeinning May 13 at and participating USA T-Mobile stores begining May15 for %0 down (and $18.33/month for 24 months; FRP: $439.92). "

    "BlackBerry is prowud to partner with T-Mobile once again to offer the world's most secure and reliable mobile products and services that encourage productivity - Whether they are individual users making the most of their day... or an enterprise seeking to manage thousands of devices."

    So, are you ready for the comeback of the BlackBerry Classic, which should yield you up to 22 hrs of battery power, according to the press release?

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    Monday, May 4, 2015

    Sprint CEO Gives Back to the Community

    MBK Alliance is a new independent non-profit organization who's main goal is to promote achievement and opportunities for boys and young men of Hispanic and African American decent.  As Marcelo said, "Everybody should have the opportunity to reach their full potential."

    In this new role, Sprint's Marcelo has dedicated broadband resources by donating $1.4 million for New Jersey public school wireless connectivity as well as $1.6 million for additional schools' connectivity.

    It is venerable to see leaders empower the new generation.  More admirable even, to promote the success of minorities who sometimes are left out or written off by society. 

    Thank you, Marcelo (and Sprint), for looking out for our youth!