Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Is a Samsung Galaxy Note Laptop Next?

With our modern smartphones become more powerful and versitile than ever, innovations will continue to flow whereby your smartphone will perhaps not replace your laptop or notebook but instead, be part of your larger device.  The marriage of both platforms is appealing to many people.  To date, though, the marriage of a laptop and a mobile device has not been tried.

The closest concept to this was one that actually hit the market two years ago as Asus -the computer and mobile making powerhouse- ventured into making a 10 inch tablet with a docking station inside the tablet that fit their Transformer phone, which "transoformed" into a tablet by docking it to the tablet carcass, which -on its own- is of little utility.

A snapshot of a patent request made by the Korean mega-tech company, Samsung, has been making the rounds overnight, showcasing a new phablet + laptop marriage.  That is Samsung speaking to business people and executives.  Whether this, I would assume, Android phone can run in dual boot  Windows mode when docked is still a mystery.  It would, however, be a match made in heaven.  Both platforms would truly make waves in a new way of utilizing their strengths to bring in a new era of more comprehensive multitasking in mobility.  I wonder why Apple has not "married" an iPhone with a Powerbook.  Perhaps the computing power of an iPhone still leaves something to be desired to truly work as seamlessly as one would hope for.

We know that nano-technology is an accelerating industry which will bring smaller and faster chips that will soon be able to truly work at an unprecedented level.

Would you buy such a combination device?  How much would you pay?  Is this what we can expect to launch with the newest iteration of Samsung's phablet Note line or is this the beginning of a new Phablet class?

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