Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Stya sells BingMaps and Ad business - The future?

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Simplicity is Power

In true Asian fashion, simplicity is about to prove to be more powerful than complexity.  Moving forward, BingMaps are now property of Uber while AOL gets Microsoft's advertising business, likely not without getting a cut as part of the deal.  Even local governments do this.  They keep the departments that work well, break up those that have a more profitable setup as a contracted service, thus cutting their liabilities considerably.

Focus Propels to Success

Too, the new focus gives them greater agility to propel the company to a very bright future.  Cooperating with Android has helped the company not miss out on getting into your pocket, tablet, and thus has migrated from your office or room, to ANYWHERE you are.  Satya knows (not necessarily admittedly) that it is not going to be an easy battle to win against mobile manufacturers and the two established front-running operating systems: iOS and Android.  So, Satya is going to make money off of all platforms while sharpening their focus on improving the enterprise experience while getting the sweet taste of profit sharing at very low risk to them.

The New Focus

Stya's new focus will be creating the very best possible cloud computing resources for all to use.  Think about it.  Given their history in the enterprise arena, they are trusted.  If you don't believe me go to your IT department and ask them to install Google Chrome, FireFox or any other browser.  They are committed to Microsoft, not only because they are financially invested in the company as they have bought user agreements and licenses, but because they trust and have a history using Microsoft products.

Mobile is also an area where they can still gain market share.  Having said that Apple and Google's operating system pose formidable forces to contend with, Microsoft still carries weight, given brand recognition.  (I wish they hadn't have killed the Nokia brand on their phones as those phones represented high quality).

We can only speculate on whether Satya's direction is going to be successful or not, but in our opinion, Microsoft is going to do more than just fine, moving ahead.

Satya Nadella as CEO of Microsoft.  Great choice, Microsoft Board/Investors!


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Friday, June 26, 2015

T-Mobile UNcarrier Amped - Is it a Good Deal?

Who this Program is Most Appealing To:

People who love phones and are obssessed with getting the very latest device at launch will be see this new Jump! program as their best fit.  Those that tend to keep their devices longer are not the likeliest of candidates for this program.

Why are Only SELECT Phones Available on Jump! Amped?

It makes sense for the carrier to limit Jump!Amped available devices becase those are the smartphones with the highest resale value.  The used phone retail market is something that can a great source of money.  By allowing these devices to be turned in as many as 3 times a year, chances are these devices will still be in like new condition.  Since trading these devices back for little to nothing down is greatly dependent on the good care of the devices. They will likely hold their value as they will only be 1 to 6 months old; still quite popular in the market, if they choose the right devices.

The used phone market is a multi billion dollar industry. T-Mobile is trying to entice you to give the cellphone up to them rather than having you sell your phone on Gazelle, Craigslist, eBay,  Swappa or any other alternative.  T-Mobile thus takes hold of an amazing opportunity to wholesale these phones worldwide.

In A Nutshell:

*Upgrade tomorrow if you want (3 times per year)
*No sales tax when you switch phones (Well qualified)
*$216 off of Iphone 6 and 6 plus (Trade-in required)
*No insurance requirement if you sign up with Jump! Amped (they know you'll want to take care of your phone, otherwise, you are forced to repair it or keep it by paying it off)

You pay the same price leasing or EIP. Only difference is after 18 month lease, you have to pay the remaining 6 months off or jump to a new phone. If you pay the phone off, it's yours, just like EIP...

The Not-So-Cool Aspect of Jump! Amped

Damage Fees

Whenever you return a leased device – whether it’s at the end of your term or to upgrade – T-Mobile staff will check it for damage. They look for three key things: Cracked Screens, Liquid Damage and whether the phone powers on. If your leased phone fails to pass these three criteria, you’ll be fined. Each of the three criteria carries a fine of $250.

Cracked Screen Damage fee – $250
Liquid Damage fee – $250
Device does not power on fee – $250

In the terms given to staff it states the following: “If there is damage(s) to the leased device, customers will be responsible for the SUM of the assessed damage fees.”

You can avoid any of these fees and pay less by just performing an insurance claim on the leased phone.  That means that, instead of paying $250 you can pay $150 for a replacement and trade that in.

So, what do you think about T-Mobile's revamped, Jump!Amped program?  Will you be signing up?  If not, why not?  We want to hear from you!

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

T-mobile CEO, John Legere Announces UNCARRIER #AmpedUp

T-mobile CEO hit YouTube with a brand new video detailing the newest UNcarrier  move. Here are the details.

JUMP! On Demand:

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

It's Official: T-Mobile Places "soft" Limits on Their UNlimited Plans

Well folks, we've talked about deprioritization before on this site and here we go again.  Now, we have the official word that T-Mobile plainly states, in small print, that they do in fact, affect your ability to access high speed internet on their network, even if you are on the UNLIMITED plan. 

So from now on, please think of your UNlimited plan as a 21GB plan, until the next billing cycle kicks in, at least. 

I personally subscribe to the idea that this is a temporary problem; and I'll keep beating that horse until it's dead.  As I commented on tmonews's site:

This is really about the threshold of each tower, not necessarily a network-wide specific approach. Now that I understand de-prioritization more, I have come to the conclusion that the only solution is to add more (smaller, neighborhood) towers, even if less powerful to ease the congestion. Too, if the speed were increased, the majority of the smartphones in the area would be on the network for shorter periods of time as they would get done with their packet downloads much quicker, thus easing network congestion. Personally, I would not buy three busses that hold 30 passengers each and sell 100 tickets. It does not make sense. Unless the passengers are picked up along the way and I know that customers will be de-boarding in between cities. I would appreciate it if T-Mobile allowed for everyone to have a 4MB speed experience, rather than some using the network at 30MBps vs a de-prioritized person using it at less than 1MBps. I would not complain if I had at least 4MBps if I were to be de-prioritized. The fact of the matter is that the deployment of more lowband and wideband bandwidth will address this issue and de-prioritization will slowly be a thing of the past as 5G technologies are adopted. Frankly, I am amazed that T-Mo is not agressively persuing LTE-A at this time. The only other solution, as a suggestion would be to set your phone to connect ONLY to 4G, which generally gives you much better speeds than trying to remain on a 4G LTE connection.

Some who signed up for the unlimited program are screaming, "Foul!"  Well, not being under contract kind of voids the statement, "that's not what I signed up for", frankly. Not that I agree with measures taken, I am just saying that T-Mobile is not under contract to offer you anything more than what their monthly fine print reads. That was a savvy business move by T-Mobile to give themselves flexibility to deal with network issues, knowing that they would likely have higher-than-ever network traffic to deal with. I believe that once more 4GLTE wideband and lowband is deployed and more people get the phones that ride on this network, there will be less network issues as more towers will more equally distribute data, minimizing individual towers that have to cover much larger coverage areas. Meanwhile, T-Mobile has to do what T-Mobile has to do to deal with network congestion issues. At least we know they care and are working on the issue to extend unlimited to as many people as possible. Believe me, if Legere was able to offer unlimited to EVERYONE who joined, he would. It will take some time AND cooperation by the FCC to set aside more than just 30MHz low-band spectrum for T-Mo and the other smaller companies so that AT&T and Verizon don't hog it all up with their almost bottomless pockets. IF the FCC rules in favor of T-Mobile, Legere's dream of offering TRULY unlimited data will finally come true. T-Mobile will be in a much better position to make it a sustainable move. That is why, knowing the incertainty of the FCC's decision, Legere promised unlimited passengers at least two more years of truly unlimited data. If the FCC sides with T-Mo and other smaller companies to strengthen competition, you will see T-Mobile offer more of everything and the tide will turn in T-Mobile's favor, propelling it to the #1 spot in the US Wireless Market. John Legere, will then be the United States' first Billionaire CEO (ok, that was a little bit of a stretch... hehe he) ;-)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Will YOU Help Spread the Word?

Please help spread the message.  Wireless competition is good for all wireless customers.  It helps keep or drive prices lower and helps all more customers have coverage, in the case of the next wireless auction. 

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Together we can change wireless for the better.