Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Stya sells BingMaps and Ad business - The future?

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Simplicity is Power

In true Asian fashion, simplicity is about to prove to be more powerful than complexity.  Moving forward, BingMaps are now property of Uber while AOL gets Microsoft's advertising business, likely not without getting a cut as part of the deal.  Even local governments do this.  They keep the departments that work well, break up those that have a more profitable setup as a contracted service, thus cutting their liabilities considerably.

Focus Propels to Success

Too, the new focus gives them greater agility to propel the company to a very bright future.  Cooperating with Android has helped the company not miss out on getting into your pocket, tablet, and thus has migrated from your office or room, to ANYWHERE you are.  Satya knows (not necessarily admittedly) that it is not going to be an easy battle to win against mobile manufacturers and the two established front-running operating systems: iOS and Android.  So, Satya is going to make money off of all platforms while sharpening their focus on improving the enterprise experience while getting the sweet taste of profit sharing at very low risk to them.

The New Focus

Stya's new focus will be creating the very best possible cloud computing resources for all to use.  Think about it.  Given their history in the enterprise arena, they are trusted.  If you don't believe me go to your IT department and ask them to install Google Chrome, FireFox or any other browser.  They are committed to Microsoft, not only because they are financially invested in the company as they have bought user agreements and licenses, but because they trust and have a history using Microsoft products.

Mobile is also an area where they can still gain market share.  Having said that Apple and Google's operating system pose formidable forces to contend with, Microsoft still carries weight, given brand recognition.  (I wish they hadn't have killed the Nokia brand on their phones as those phones represented high quality).

We can only speculate on whether Satya's direction is going to be successful or not, but in our opinion, Microsoft is going to do more than just fine, moving ahead.

Satya Nadella as CEO of Microsoft.  Great choice, Microsoft Board/Investors!


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