Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Is T-Mobile Slowing Down your YouTube Streaming?

YouTube is reportedly claiming that T-Mobile is throttling their service, even for Unlimited customers, even though the video streaming service is not part of their BingeOn program.  It appears that all streaming services are being affected by this situation.

In fact, I was noticing that I, myself, cannot watch 2k videos, even when my speed could clearly support even 4K streaming at full speed.  My speed, the other night, was 100Mbps... and still, I could not watch anything above 480p.  That is definitely fishy.

T-Mobile stated that customers have the option of turning off BingeOn which should fix the streaming quality, buffering issue.  I can say, that, at least in my case, it did not work.  YouTube may be right about their claim.  Regardless, as an UNLIMITED customer, I feel cheated by what appears to be accross-the-board throttling (or "deprioritization").  Whetever the case, I love Magenta, but they have to fix this issue, sooner rather than later.  Or else, I see a very expensive battle with Alphabet (YouTube's parent company).  I am amazed that UNLIMITED customers have not come forward to claim that they are being sold an unlimited plan and now, even during your first byte of information, you may be throttled, if you are attempting to watch a YouTube video.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

iPhone 7 - No standard earphones??

If you are like me, an audiophile, there is nothing better than pumping that beautiful music into your eardrums via the most beautifully, most comfortable earphones that come in my iPhone case.  If that's you too, you may be in for a surprise during the coming iteration of the popular device.

Yes, 3D Touch is nice, 4K video recording is amazing, and LivePhotos are the bomb, but the new device will NOT come with the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack.  That's right, no headphone jack to plug in all of those sets of earphones you have at home.  In fact, there is word that smart headphones are in the making for the popular handset.  In fact, these headphones may make use of the technology of the digital connection the Lightning port makes available.  The new smart-earphones, for instance will be able to interact with apps.  Will they have temperature sensors to add to the health app?  Will they be able to adjust automatically, using smart "listening" technology?  Will they be programmable to lower when you are in an office environment?  Well, patents have been filed by Apple that suggest that auto-volume is in the works for consumers that purchase their next iPhone.

Whatever the case, it is more likely that you will loose non-wired (OK, wireless) headphones.  Also, with non-standard 3.5mm jacks, Apple can make the new earphones proprietary.  How, however, will Apple allow users to utilize their new headphones with their old devices?  Will you need to carry two pairs of earphones?  Only time will tell.  Keep it tuned in here and check back for the latest.