Sunday, April 17, 2016

Is Apple an Android Copy Cat?

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Am I the only one that believes that Apple's new 3D Touch technology is nothing but a recycled technological improvement?  See, back when Samsung launched the Galaxy S4, I remember that one of their features in that powerhouse of a phone was AirView, which worked like this:

You hover your finger above the screen and you could use that to preview a picture or an email, even move within a video to preview what was ahead.  Add to that the additional functionality that the Note Series gave you of being able to preview a link using the same gesture with their proprietary S-Pen.

I am just tired of seeing technologies swiped from companies only to be called great technological advancements by Apple.  Don't get me wrong, I believe that Apple makes solid phones.  If I had to chose between a flip phone, a BlackBerry or an Apple device, I would certainly choose the iPhone.  However, I do believe that Apple needs to begin innovating and not swiping technologies and repackaging them as new ideas.  I am not saying that Sammy, HTC, and the others don't do it to, but Apple is quite the leader in this field of recycling technologies and claiming to be the inventors.  Don't believe me?  Take the HTC Evo, THE FIRST phone to have a front facing camera with video chat capabilities.  Not a month later, Apples leader proclaimed that their Apple iPhone 4 had the first front facing video chat capability phone in the world.  Uhhh No!  Not true.  Sprint's Evo was the first to hold the title.  I'm sorry Apple, but you were second; and are frequently second in every other innovative technology launched.  What Apple DID start and did so quite well -gotta give credit where credit is due- is the iPad.  That is still proving to be a very formidable device.  I still believe, that the Note Pro 12.2 gives any iPad a run for its money.

Ok, I've said my peace.  Now it is your turn to chime in.  Let us know what you think.  Is Apple a true innovator or just better at marketing their "new" features?

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