Friday, November 11, 2011

Calling all Data Hogs!

Carriers have become more savvy to monetizing data to keep up with the maintenance and expansion necessary to satisfy the new wave of growing data-hungry smartphone customers. Given their pricing innovations they can continue to report profits, while you and I suffer the consequences of the habits they helped us form when introducing unlimited data plans to us a few years back. Well, now there is a way to help monitor your mobile data and even your wi-fi usage, for those of you who's home internet provider may soon be charging extra, the more data you use. This tool comes in the form of an Android App called: NetCounter.

NetCounter is a simple network traffic counter for EDGE/3G and Wi-Fi. It shows your data usage. Data are persistent and you can set the counters (monthly, last 7 days, today, etc) you need.

So, enjoy your data usage while monitoring it to avoid those pesky extra charges or throttling, whereby the carrier turns down the data speed to your device when you reach a certain usage threshold. As always, to learn more, keep coming back to your good friends at Cellphonius to keep abreast of all of the latest cell phone news and tips.

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