Monday, August 31, 2015

Did Spigen just make THE case for Note 5 Smartphones?

Your hard-earned money is well invested in the new version of powerhouse phones.  Protecting that investment is crucial as it can be very expensive to replace the device.  To this effect, I ordered a case for my Note 5 shortly after receiving the phone.  I would usually do it prior to ordering the phone, but I was torn between the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

What I hate most about cases is that they usually change the character of the phone.  For instance, for all of the beautiful design improvements that Samsung made from the Note 3 to the Note 4, I ended up using one of my favorite cases, from Caseology.  At the end they were almost indistinguishable!  My wife ended up asking me frequently which device was hers.  Now having bought the newest iteration of the Galaxy Note series, I would have to choose a new case again.

I am big on design, so I would not want to cover the phone's beautiful new design.  So, I took a risk and bought a clear case.  It is a case made by Spigen.  I love the way that it does not detract from the beauty of my phone.  In fact, it is quite invisible in person.  Super-clear, high quality, durable material is what this case is made of.  With the built-in side impact air cushion, I am no longer afraid of letting my kids play with my phone outside of the bedroom, on the mattress; their former area they were restricted to when wanting to explore the new tech toy.  I am not one to like screen protectors.  So, I do not have one, although if you are one that likes them, I recommend the JETech glass screen protector found here.  For just $9.99 + Shipping unless you want to become an Amazon Prime Member, for FREE shipping if you like the case, grab one here ===>

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