Saturday, February 16, 2013

Does YOUR Galaxy Note 2 battery life suck?

Do you live with a charger in your pocket because you can hardly get through 4 hours before burning right through your battery life? Well, that problem can be solved quite easily so that you can actually go about your day without taking your charger to work or to church or out to eat, for that matter. That's right. Charge it before you sleep, leave it on overnight, and then take it to work. You will return with battery life to spare if you follow these simple steps.

This is a multiple-part series where we will be discussing some of the best practices in improving your battery life for good. That means that if you own a Galaxy Note 2 and you are not getting at least 14 hours after HEAVY use, then you really need to visit us to watch the complete series called. SAVE MY BATTERY!!

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