Sunday, May 26, 2013

T-Mobile won't tell you this

If you are like me, your always looking for ways to save a buck here and there.  Well, this next discount is for you! There is no coupon cutting involved either.  It's a little hush-hush.  While you can find the link in the T-Mobile website.  It is not that easy to find.  There are two ways to save, and anyone could be eligible.

Method #1: 

Check on T-Mobile's site by using your employee email (not your gmail or yahoo account).  Check here:  If your company is on the list, you will be sent a form to fill out and be on your way to substatial savings.

Method #2: 

Anyone can join the PTA.  There is a $25 membership fee.  But if you are like me with $200/month bills from T-Mobile (due to multiple lines w/internet beyond basic data), then your very first month's discount should pay for the ONE TIME membership fee to join the PTA.  After you join, you can visit your local T-Mobile store and register your PTA membership for 14% off of your bill.

Great service is wonderful.  But getting it at a discount is even sweeter!  Do you have any other suggestions on lowering your monthly bill.  Share it with us on the comments below.

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