Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Samusung's 35,000+ reasons

We at CellPhonius have a possible motive for the newest capital investment move by Samsung. To put things in perspective, Pantech is South Korea's 2nd best-selling handset maker, according to U.S. IT research firm, Gartner. We have also learned that Pantech has license agreements with IV (Intellectual Ventures) for access to over 35,000 patents in 50 technology areas.

We are not lawyers here at CellPhonius, so we have no extensive knowledge of how Pantech's agreements would affect the business affairs of Samsung. However, we can guarantee one thing. Owning a 10% stake of a company that holds legal access to over 35,000 patents certainly can't hurt Samsung. For your information, Intellectual Ventures is essentially a company that spans 10 coutnries with 3,000 in-house technology inventors. That could only mean good news for current and future Samsung consumers all around the world.

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