Thursday, December 26, 2013

Top 10 Web Searches of the Last Week of the Year

The searches of the last full week of the year were quite mixed this year.  Some make sense, but some through me by surprise.  Here they are:

47 Ronin  
Keanu Reeves portrays the leader of a band of ronin, samurai from the 18th-century in Japan who must make their own way and learn to coalesce without a named leader.

Apparently, McD’s shut down its own employee resource website, the site was littered with insinuations of bad food choices (some of which THEY sell) vs good food choices as well as allowances in the budget for second jobs, hinting that many employees on their payroll are not being paid living wages.

It appears folks on the internet were looking for movies to watch.  The interesting thing was that most of those searches were to watch movies online vs. at the theatre. Cinemark, AMC, and other exhibitors can’t be too happy about that.

Restaurants Open on Christmas
I have got to admit I was one of those looking for a place to grab a meal on Christmas.  I ended up snagging a good deal at the Waffle House.

With the holidays comes the yearly rush of phone calls throughout the world, but wait.  Phone calls can be costly, so most opted for other ways to communicate on a budget.  Microsoft got a chance to flaunt their brand once again as people took advantage of Skype’s great quality chat features.

Possibly spurred by the purchasing of gift cards, iTunes most likely saw record numbers of people flocking to its servers to satisfy the entertainment needs of many.

Stores Open on Christmas
Procrastinators or really smart people?  For those who realized that many stores were to remain open on Christmas Day, this holiday was a really great time to get out and shop.  Why look for things in a crowded place when you can park really close to the store and enjoy the store, practically to yourself?  Also, many of the gift card shoppers hit the streets to spend theirs right away.

Wolf of Wall Street
What an appropriate place to showcase an advanced screening of a the movie Wolf of Wall Street than watching it behind the Goldman Sachs building?

Left 4 Dead 2 was free on the Steam download store for Christmas and they saw their site hit with the most number of visits since the launch of their enterprise in 2009.

Merry Christmas
Finally, the search that saw over half a million for this term really hit home especially for Apple as they officially launched the iPhone on China Mobile.  The giant tech company should be pleasantly greeted by very healthy numbers as the markets open. So far the stock price has been up nearly $14 for the holiday shopping season.

So, what did you search for the last week as you lounged on your new tablet or phone?  Hopefully CellPhonius was one of the sites you visited the most, and for that, I thank you.  You have made this year be a great one for both my website and my YouTube Channel, which I hope you visit and subscribe to. Enjoy surfing about and check back for the latest in tech news and perspectives you can use.  Send in your questions and connect with me on Twitter @maestroalvarez and on Google Plus at +Danny Alvarez

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

T-Mobile's UNcarrier 4.0 - What's Next?

SIMply: Let the war continue.  May the best one win

So, let's cut the sweet talk and get to brass tax.  What will T-Mobile UNcover and launch just before the new year?  Well, CellPhonius has got a guess.  Pain points addressed already have been: 1) Contracts 2) Upgrades, 3) international data roaming charges,  and most recently 4) tablets w/data.  So what will the next phase involve?  Well, many think that it has to do with providing cable/home internet (like our friends over at A recent tweet sent by T-Mobile's own CEO about a little visit to the FCC might give us an inkling of what this visit could mean with regards to T-Mo's next UNcarrier move.

I personally believe it is more spectrum, the most needed type, in fact.  The lower end of the spectrum which tends to have waves that travel longer distances and penetrate through walls more efficiently.  Couple that with TRULY unlimited data and you have got yourself a true one-two punch that would be hard to recover from, if you consider T-Mobile's current inertia vs. AT&T Wireless.  See, AT&T cannot offer TRULY unlimited data due to network congestion.  So, if an iPhone user knows that his calls will be able to ride, lets say within the Verizon Wireless network spectrum, would that not alleviate the most common complaint from those who want to move to T-Mobile but need to make calls and not depend on WiFi Calling features, which are not always available on all WiFi networks?  Why would this work?  See, if T-Mobile debilitates AT&T enough to give Verizon the #1 spot, it could be a win-win for T-Mobile AND Verizon.   Add to that TRULY unlimited data, further simplifying the SimpleChoice Plans and you have a deal breaker.  Suppose they sprinkle that with a 2 to 3 Gigs tethering at no additional cost. Would that hurt the competition? You betcha!  Well, until the announcement is made, these are just conjectures.  We'll have to wait and see if ANY of these things come to fruition.  Meanwhile, what would you like to see T-Mobile do.  If you are not a T-Mobile customer, what will help you decide to finally make the switch?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Little Guy vs. Samsung

Man vs. Samsung.  What do you think?  Should he sign the documents that Samsung sent him, or should he rip the papers up and go back to Apple?  

In full disclosure, I am a Samsung user, too.  I have the Galaxy Note 3 and love it.  But could I bear the possibility of it bursting into flames while my child plays Minecraft or watches Cupquake playing Minecaft with Red?  Makes you think.  Let's shove this video beyond popularity and show Sammy that the little guy has a voice.  I will not change my Galaxy Note 3 for anything.  I think that the Galaxy S4 is a magnificent phone.  This guy probably bought one from a batch with a serious defect, likely .01% of the phones put out by Samsung.  How unfortunate, but to bully someone into signing non-disclosure agreements and pull the freedom of expression right from this guy is just wrong.  Samsung would have served this guy better by apologizing for the defective unit, assuring him that this was only a very small percentage.  He probably would have raved about how positive Samsung's response was, instead of his follow up which is more damming, even, than the original video announcing the damage.

So, what do you think, CellPhonius readers?  Should he sign the docs and pull the video(s) or should he just dump Samsung for the threat and monetize his video to make the money back to buy the iPhone of his choice?

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Are YOU Leaving Money on the Table?

If you are like me, your always looking for ways to save a buck here and there.  Well, this next discount is for you! There is no coupon cutting involved either.  It's a little hush-hush.  While you can find the link in the T-Mobile website.  It is not that easy to find.  There are two ways to save, and anyone could be eligible.

Method #1:  

Check on T-Mobile's site by using your employee email (not your gmail or yahoo account).  Check here:  If your company is on the list, you will be sent a form to fill out and be on your way to substatial savings.

Method #2:  

Anyone can join the PTA.  There is a $25 membership fee.  But if you are like me with $200/month bills from T-Mobile (due to multiple lines w/internet beyond basic data), then your very first month's discount should pay for the ONE TIME membership fee to join the PTA.  After you join, you can visit your local T-Mobile store and register your PTA membership for 14% off of your bill. Once you have signed up, go to and register your membership for your discount.

                                                                       (click to enlarge)

Great service is wonderful.  But getting it at a discount is even sweeter!  Do you have any other suggestions on lowering your monthly bill.  Share it with us on the comments below.

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