Wednesday, December 18, 2013

T-Mobile's UNcarrier 4.0 - What's Next?

SIMply: Let the war continue.  May the best one win

So, let's cut the sweet talk and get to brass tax.  What will T-Mobile UNcover and launch just before the new year?  Well, CellPhonius has got a guess.  Pain points addressed already have been: 1) Contracts 2) Upgrades, 3) international data roaming charges,  and most recently 4) tablets w/data.  So what will the next phase involve?  Well, many think that it has to do with providing cable/home internet (like our friends over at A recent tweet sent by T-Mobile's own CEO about a little visit to the FCC might give us an inkling of what this visit could mean with regards to T-Mo's next UNcarrier move.

I personally believe it is more spectrum, the most needed type, in fact.  The lower end of the spectrum which tends to have waves that travel longer distances and penetrate through walls more efficiently.  Couple that with TRULY unlimited data and you have got yourself a true one-two punch that would be hard to recover from, if you consider T-Mobile's current inertia vs. AT&T Wireless.  See, AT&T cannot offer TRULY unlimited data due to network congestion.  So, if an iPhone user knows that his calls will be able to ride, lets say within the Verizon Wireless network spectrum, would that not alleviate the most common complaint from those who want to move to T-Mobile but need to make calls and not depend on WiFi Calling features, which are not always available on all WiFi networks?  Why would this work?  See, if T-Mobile debilitates AT&T enough to give Verizon the #1 spot, it could be a win-win for T-Mobile AND Verizon.   Add to that TRULY unlimited data, further simplifying the SimpleChoice Plans and you have a deal breaker.  Suppose they sprinkle that with a 2 to 3 Gigs tethering at no additional cost. Would that hurt the competition? You betcha!  Well, until the announcement is made, these are just conjectures.  We'll have to wait and see if ANY of these things come to fruition.  Meanwhile, what would you like to see T-Mobile do.  If you are not a T-Mobile customer, what will help you decide to finally make the switch?

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