Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Little Guy vs. Samsung

Man vs. Samsung.  What do you think?  Should he sign the documents that Samsung sent him, or should he rip the papers up and go back to Apple?  

In full disclosure, I am a Samsung user, too.  I have the Galaxy Note 3 and love it.  But could I bear the possibility of it bursting into flames while my child plays Minecraft or watches Cupquake playing Minecaft with Red?  Makes you think.  Let's shove this video beyond popularity and show Sammy that the little guy has a voice.  I will not change my Galaxy Note 3 for anything.  I think that the Galaxy S4 is a magnificent phone.  This guy probably bought one from a batch with a serious defect, likely .01% of the phones put out by Samsung.  How unfortunate, but to bully someone into signing non-disclosure agreements and pull the freedom of expression right from this guy is just wrong.  Samsung would have served this guy better by apologizing for the defective unit, assuring him that this was only a very small percentage.  He probably would have raved about how positive Samsung's response was, instead of his follow up which is more damming, even, than the original video announcing the damage.

So, what do you think, CellPhonius readers?  Should he sign the docs and pull the video(s) or should he just dump Samsung for the threat and monetize his video to make the money back to buy the iPhone of his choice?

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