Wednesday, April 2, 2014

T-Mobile LISTENS to their Customers and Modifies Corp Discount Program

At CellPhonius, we happen to absolutely love all of the UNcarrier moves T-Mobile has been making as of the last year, since John Legere took the reigns of the company.  However, the most UNcarrier move yet, was demonstrated after CellPhonius tipped T-Mobile news's most popular (unofficial) blog, headed by Cam Burton of PhoneDog Media.  As it turns out, that post by resulted in over 800 responses and a massive flood of tweets to the CEO (I'm sorry John).  It is clear that both John and his team of leaders are willing to put customers first, a move that his competition can't come close to touching.  No doubt that T-Mobile will be getting big Kudos for this move.  We certainly hope to be a great part of that.

Change starts with one person, is not just a cliche.  It actually works.  Our one-man-blog, CellPhonius proved it.  I wish the very best for T-Mobile going forward and can't wait to spread the word on their upcoming UNcarrier 5.0 announcement.  All CEO's must learn from John Legere's stellar example.  Those who address the consumer's needs get the biggest slice of cake.

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