Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Will it Be Android "LEGO"?

(Photo: Cuusoo)

What if Google moved away from delicious sweets and dubbed their newest iteration of Android LEGO?  Think about it... big Legos movie released in February , BOTH directors of The Legos Movie,  Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, will be Google Doodle Judges as well as Legos Education Robotics designer Lee Magpili.  Add to that that Doodle Judge, Christoph Niemann wrote a book called I LEGO NY.

Just saying, there is alot of LEGO influence in the mix.  LEGOS inspire creativity and limitless maleability to invent creative solutions.  Give me the same exact box of LEGOS and I will likely come up with something totally different than you did.  

With the next iteration of Google's Android Operating System to likely begin with "L", LEGO would not be a bad option.  Anyways, this may just be me thinking outside of the box.  We'll have to wait and see.

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