Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Will it Be Android "LEGO"?

(Photo: Cuusoo)

What if Google moved away from delicious sweets and dubbed their newest iteration of Android LEGO?  Think about it... big Legos movie released in February , BOTH directors of The Legos Movie,  Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, will be Google Doodle Judges as well as Legos Education Robotics designer Lee Magpili.  Add to that that Doodle Judge, Christoph Niemann wrote a book called I LEGO NY.

Just saying, there is alot of LEGO influence in the mix.  LEGOS inspire creativity and limitless maleability to invent creative solutions.  Give me the same exact box of LEGOS and I will likely come up with something totally different than you did.  

With the next iteration of Google's Android Operating System to likely begin with "L", LEGO would not be a bad option.  Anyways, this may just be me thinking outside of the box.  We'll have to wait and see.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Why T-Mobile's UNcarrier Strategy works

When you look at the top selling cars in the world, here are some of the names you see that made the list:

#1 Toyota Corolla
#2 Hyundai Elantra
#4 Ford Focus
#5 Kia Rio

What do these have in common?  Well ALL of these cars are economy cars.  While having the fastest, smoothest riding, most luxurious ride is venerable, the top 1% earners do not dominate in car purchases.  It is the masses, the bottom 99% that matter most when it comes to profit.  Look at some of the most profitable business in the world: Walmart, McDonald's, to name a few... The theme is cater to the masses.

That is EXACTLY what John Leger and his "UNcarrier team" have been doing during the last year.  Offering to finance the top selling high-end phones in the industry, interest free.  Offering some of the very lowest prices in the market.  Offering the luxury of trading in your phone twice a year for less than what you used to pay for insuring your flagship device.  All of these moves are targeting the value-conscious customers.  The modern consumer, especially after the huge worldwide economic downturn has become value driven, aiming to get the most bang for their buck, so to speak.

T-Mobile's CEO, John Legere, is playing the right tune for today's audience.  If it were the incorrect strategy, you would not have ALL three of the major carriers of the United States, follow suit, offering copycat programs to give the illusion of competition.
Picture Source: Guardianlv

Today, Legere announced T-Mobile's latest assault against the major players of the industry:
A new plan called "Simple Starter" for only $40/month, offering unlimited talk text and 500MB of data.  Remember that only Simple Choice customers get unlimited data worldwide (see T-Mobile website for details).  This is a plan that is sure to lure many more people into the T-Mobile subscribership, easing the pain of the last announcement which was the discontinuation of the T-Mobile Advantage Program, a corporate discount program.  This is, essentially a way to ease the pinch of having lost that discount.  Those wanting TRULY unlimited, unthrottled data will pay twice as much on a Simple Choice program.

The competition, thus, has good reason to be afraid.  The UN-CEO has risen to make a statement that will forever change the wireless industry, one UNcarrier announcement at a time.  As Magenta's network becomes more prolific in rural and suburban areas, be assured that T-Mobile's rise will continue to amaze the establishment and the industry as a whole.  I am sure that you and I both can't wait to here the next 2 announcements that make up the latest UNcarrier movement, 5.0.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Are Battery Charging Woes Over?

No doubt you and I do not want to disable 70% of our apps just to get through the day without having to reach for the charger and not use our phones for the 4 to 6 hours it typically takes to charge a phone to 100%.  These times of having to charge our phones overnight or being tethered to the charger may soon be over thanks to a new charging technology developed by an Israeli startup called StoreDot.  See it for yourself.  Then share with us how this technology would make a difference in how you use your phone?  How much do you think it is worth to have a charger like this one?

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

T-Mobile LISTENS to their Customers and Modifies Corp Discount Program

At CellPhonius, we happen to absolutely love all of the UNcarrier moves T-Mobile has been making as of the last year, since John Legere took the reigns of the company.  However, the most UNcarrier move yet, was demonstrated after CellPhonius tipped T-Mobile news's most popular (unofficial) blog, headed by Cam Burton of PhoneDog Media.  As it turns out, that post by resulted in over 800 responses and a massive flood of tweets to the CEO (I'm sorry John).  It is clear that both John and his team of leaders are willing to put customers first, a move that his competition can't come close to touching.  No doubt that T-Mobile will be getting big Kudos for this move.  We certainly hope to be a great part of that.

Change starts with one person, is not just a cliche.  It actually works.  Our one-man-blog, CellPhonius proved it.  I wish the very best for T-Mobile going forward and can't wait to spread the word on their upcoming UNcarrier 5.0 announcement.  All CEO's must learn from John Legere's stellar example.  Those who address the consumer's needs get the biggest slice of cake.

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