Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Leaked Case Ads on Korean website reveals Galaxy S6 Design

For most Samsung fans, there's nothing like being able to get a glimpse of our favorite line of phones.  Before launch date, however, there are multiple ways to get a pretty solid idea of what the device will look like at launch.

Such is the case, especially when a trusted company is the source.  Consider the ads below, found on that allow us to peer into the future as we behold the design of the newest member (or members) of the Samsung Galaxy family.

Case is by Spigen.  What do you tihnk of the design?  Does it not look exactly like a Galaxy Note Edge, without the S-Pen?

It looks quite good.  Soon Apple will come with a curved screen and call it revolutionary!

Don't forget to keep it locked on and the CellPhonius YouTube Channel for the preview of the device, coming soon. :)

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