Wednesday, April 29, 2015

T-Mobile, the UNcable Company?

AT&T has both a Wireless company arm and a cable company arm.  Verizon has both wireless and cable.  Could the fallout of botched, cancelled Time Warner's acquision by Comcast give way to a new "marriage" between cable operator Time Warner and T-Mobile?  If so, T-Mobile could very well be positioning itself for a total make-over; one that could take the CABLE industry.  IF T-Mobile's CEO, John Legere can convince his investors that purchasing Time Warner Cable can solidify and grow its position from #3 to #2, to #1, this could be B I G!  Customers should, too, be very excited for possibilities this would create for them.

What TOP cable customer pain points would you like addressed?  You never know.  I know John Legere reads CellPhonius from time to time.  I guarantee that if he reads the responsese to this article, he WILL be taking notes, UNlike (pardon me, I could not help myself) the other guys.  Either way, you can be sure we will be paying close attention and sharing what we know with you.

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