Friday, January 8, 2016

T-Mobile, John Legere - I apologize (RE: BingeOn post)

The truth is that when you are right, you are right.  And when you are wrong, you are wrong.  Well, I have some apologizing to do.
(courtesy: T-Mobile USA, Inc.)

As an UNlimited subscriber on T-Mobile's network, I do not require the BingeOn feature, but it was still activated on my account. I suppose, if you wanted to be completely transparent as T-Mobile, you would have announced that ALL customers from 3gig plans and above, but exclude the unlimited subscribers.  This would ensure they would not suffer any changes to a service billed as unlimited.

Long story short, I did not know that my account would be activated on BingeOn given my status as an unlimited customer.  My wife and I signed up to the 2 lines for $100 unlimited talk, text, and data.  We would not need to stretch our data.  That is still something I do not understand.

However, I had claimed that I had turned off BingeOn when, in fact, I logged on to and turned off BingeOn on my wife's line only (by accident). It was not spelled out that you would have to turn off BingeOn from ALL devices on your account.  Perhaps I just missed it, but I went on to complain that streaming videos over 480p was practically impossible.

Well, as it turns out, I corrected that yesterday.  A couple of minutes after turning BingeOn off, restarted my phone and was able to stream 1440p content with no problems.

I, thus, apologize to my audience and to T-Mobile and their leadership, for unknowingly misleading you by describing my experience, when infact, my BingeOn was actually activated at the time that I was trying to view content at bit rates higher than 480p.

I have no agenda.  I am just a consumer who likes to share my experiences, thoughts, and views online on both my blog and YouTube channels.  I did not mean to cast T-Mobile in a bad light.  I was only expressing my frustration as a consumer.  It taught me a lesson, however.  To make sure that what I states are facts to the best of my ability.  I appreciate and truly value all of my followers on social media and promise to continue to bring you the latest news and views that you can use.


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