Thursday, August 26, 2010

T-Mobile's Little Secret Involves YOU!

If you are a T-Mobile subscriber you have probably never heard of this little known secret to pocketing 14% of your phone bill every month.  In an interview with Rhonda Whalen, a T-Mobile customer in Texas, CellPhonius discovered that T-Mobile gives a 14% discount to subscribers who are part of their local school's PTA (Parent Teacher Association).  "I have three the discount really goes a long way in helping me out.  It also encourages more people to join an organization that is good for our children."
So, join the PTA in your local school and reap the benefits.  Joining the PTA carries a membership cost that is trivial compared to the savings you can benefit from.  Even before taxes, if you are on a 39.99/month plan, your savings on a normal two year contract could save you approximately  $134.  Almost enough for an upgrade to a premium phone every two years!  That doesn't even include additional equipment discounts.

For more information call T-Mobile Customer Service at: (877)453-1304, 611 from any T-Mobile cell phone   or  PTA general information at: (800)307-4PTA (800-307-4782).

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