Wednesday, July 3, 2013

T-Mobile's Xperia Z - First Impressions

The phone is solid, packing a 5 inch screen with crisp graphics.  The solid aluminum body screams out quality.  However, it "pokes" your hands given its sharp edges.  Another thing I noticed is that the viewing angles are terrible on the device.  But if you are planning to point it straight at your face, or if you are concerned with privacy while in public, then this may not be such a big issue with it.

I love the stock lock screen which has a window-blinds wave effect as you glide your finger on the screen.  Calls are clear.  The device runs very smoothly with hardly any lag.  However, it ships with Android 4.1.2 Jellybean.  As long as we've been waiting for the device, you'd think they would have launched it with Android 4.2 at this point in time, when 4.3 is getting ready to launch.

One MAJOR flaw:

Sony prides itself in its multimedia capabilities, namely sound.  While the sound is clear, it is no match to the loud (while tinny) sound of the Samsung Galaxy S4.  The flaw is the location of the speaker.  Unless you are left handed, then the speaker is not in the right spot.  When you hold the phone with your right hand, you will cover the speaker with your hand as seen in the video below.  This means that while on speaker mode, you have to hold the device with your thumb in a strategic (and uncomfortable) fashion.

The Score
On a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the highest

Build Quality: 7
User Interface: 9
Comfort: 6
Sound Quality: 9

In all, the phone is of great quality in terms of build while it lacks in the sound department if not because of the lack luster volume, because of the bad choice of placement of the loud speaker.

It makes for a great mid-range phone.  If Sony wants to play with the big boys: Samsung and Apple they need to pay attention to details that will certainly help solidify their attempts to have a greater market share in the smartphone marketplace.


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