Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Moto X Camera: Nokia killer?

With all of the buzz of the Nokia 1020's 41mp camera we have to wonder the response of competing hardware manufacturers will be. To this effect, pictures of the upcoming Moto X give us a unique glimpse of the camera's build and quality. 

Take a close look at the Moto X's camera.  It does not look like the average 8mp camera.  The depth of the lense in the camera housing makes us speculate that Motorola/Google is aiming to please with spectacular optics and low light performance, given the obvious large aperture. As to whether or not this will overshadow Nokia, time will tell.  We're pretty sure Nokia will remain at the helm of smartphone camera arena.

What do you think? Will this device wow or will it be a product for the masses. We can already see the same focus that Motorola have the phone that reinvented the flip phone: The Razr V3. Let's hope that Moto X delivers, given all of the hype.

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