Tuesday, September 24, 2013

T-Mobile - UNcarrier Phase 3 - Want to know more?

T-Mobile's John Legere has been nothing but inspiring, engaging, and non-conforming, all the while, forcing the competition, #theothers, as he so tenderly called them in the latest tweet, to change course, all to the benefit of all wireless customers in the USA.  He has been doing this through a campaign to UNcarrier-ize T-Mobile and make it a company that is nothing like you would recognize in today's marketplace, when most companies are looking to rape your wallet while giving you pennies of service.

2 days after his anniversary as the new CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere is expected to shed light on new details to a group of investors at Goldman Sachs.  You can watch the unveiling of more details having to do with Magenta's upcoming moves to, well, move more people to the UNcarrier.  The event will happen at 8:50am ET. You can follow all of the action and news from CellPhonius by following my Twitter handle: maestroalvarez as well as my Google Plus account, Danny Alvarez.  For a recount of all of the details, you can tune into my YouTube channel:

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