Monday, July 6, 2015

Smarphone Batteries with Double the Power

The smartphone has been perfected to the point that there is very little we could possibly hope that our current spartphones do, that they don't already do, almost perfectly.  So, where is the next frontier for progress in the smartphone industry?  Samsung has placed a bet on battery life as the next area that will truly revolutionize the way we use, or should I say, how long we are able to use our devices.  

(Credit: thenextdigit)

We are talking about graphene, which will translate to double the battery life of today's superphones, most of which top out at 12 hours of battery life.  Smartphones running with the new battery technology would last up to 24 hours on heavy use.  According to, "Samsung’s R&D team have used Silicone anode material and grow layers of graphene on the silicon coating of the Lithium-ion battery to increase the density and longevity. After the research, the team has concluded that the new technology would make the new Lithium-ion battery will give a double battery life than the current models."

So, for now, we will have incremental rather than revolutionary iterations of both Samsung and iPhones, as well as all other major players in the market.  That time where battery life will be double the current time cannot come fast enough.  For now, the outlook is two to three years before we see this technology come to us.

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