Wednesday, March 26, 2014

T-Mobile is reportedly about to take a BIG discount away, March 31st

Similar to the time you got a shot at the doctor's office, you wanted the nurse to be quick and get it over with.  I will do the same.  It will hurt but it will be very quick.  Just in case you have not heard, T-Mobile is doing away with Corporate discounts, starting March 31, 2014.  This means that your bill may be up to 20% higher, very soon.

For many years now, T-Mobile and other carriers offer discounts for employees of companies. It is a great way to increase subscribers while increasing revenue.  With T-Mobile's rates being as low as they are, they are positioning themselves to grow their profit margins since they were less than stellar last quarter.  This may appease shareholders while Magenta continues through a successful run towards increased revenue and subscribers.  Will this move affect you directly?  Will you hold on to T-Mobile or jump ship (pardon the pun... I couldn't help myself)?

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