Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Are you sure YOUR premium smartphone has NDR?

(credit: Corning)
Wait! What the heck is NDR?  To give you a clue, it is a term invented and used exlusively by Corning Gorilla Glass company.  It stands for Native Damage Resistance.  It is a technology that basically "resists" cracks and damage that lead to broken cover glass.  The glass in effect, "dents" instead of cracking.  Therefore, the damage is greatly minimized and you may not even notice the damage to a screen.

You may be one that touts your premium, high-end phone as having the latest technology.  However, NOT ALL premium handsets carry this technology.  The iPhone 5S for instance, does not have it.  For those of you in line for the HTC One M8, which lauched yesteday, it does carry Gorilla Glass 3.

Here is the complete list of phones that have this:
(credit: Corning)


  1. If the HTC has Corning Gorilla Glass 3, how come the screen shattered on the drop test, and Dragontail on the z2 is almost flawless

  2. How THE HTC M8 shattered on the droptest? The Z2 Dragontail is flawless


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