Thursday, March 27, 2014

T-Mobile's Advantage Programs to END - What's in its place?

As I wrote about yesterday morning, T-Mobile is doing away with the T-Mobile Advantage Program as we know it today.  No longer will you be able to sign up using your work email on their website to receive a corporate discount.  T-Mobile will instead, reportedly, replace this program with a more modest discount program; one where you will be offered $25 off per device.

This program is going away, reportedly

See, corporate discount programs were meant to attract people into signing 2-year contracts.  Well, T-Mobile no longer offers 2-year contracts.  Therefore, the discount is pointless.  However, they will, presumably, still honor their relationships with the corporate member employees by extending a $25 discount towards each handset purchased.

More details are to come, but you heard it here FIRST.  Keep it locked on and subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

UPDATE:  CLARIFICATION - Those who signed up for the Advantage Program WILL be allowed to keep their discounts, IF they signed up before February 3rd.  Members and employees that signed up prior to February 3rd may add additional lines to their account and the discount WILL apply.

Here, reportedly, is the official letter

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