Monday, August 24, 2015

Will SD Cards, Removable Batteries be a Thing of the Past?

Two markets that will be negatively impacted by Samsung with their latest design model are expandable memory companies and after-market battery manufacturers.  That is, if I was ZeroLemon, Laza Wireless, Lenmar, or Ontrion I would be looking for ways to make cases that feature on-the-go charging options.  Few OEMs have the influence in mobile tech economics than Samsung does.  Their global footprint in the area of smartphones is quite impressive.  Now, thanks to the two largest phone manufacturers, Apple and Samsung, there will likely be a flood of sd cards, sitting in warehouses, collecting dust.  The prices have to follow suit as less people will need these, competition for these will go to an all-time low.   All of that, thanks, in great part, to Samsung's newest flagship devices.

Having said that, not all is lost.  Now, those that sell external battery packs, aka battery banks, may well see a steep increase in sales.  Whatever the case, as long as there is a way for money to be made, technology giants like Apple and Samsung will continue to spur business opportunities that employ hundreds of thousands if not millions of jobs world-wide.  Namely, case manufacturers, screen protector manufacturers, screen and mobile phone repair shops, mobile accessory retail outlets, as well as the shipping companies that move the supplies throughout the globe.

Either way, in our belief, there will always be companies that will give their customers the expandable storage option that many crave.  Will it be enough to turn the tide and keep the SDcard and after-market battery businesses from collapsing?  Only time will tell.  What do you think?  Should Samsung & Apple bring back SD cards and bring back (in the case of Samsung) removable batteries?

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