Friday, August 14, 2015

Will Apple Regain Traction in the Tablet Market?

Oh...the iconic iPad!  It was a much more nimble and versatile device than a laptop and typically had better battery life, making it a no-brainer to switch or at least begin a transition between laptops and tablets.  Then, came the large screen smartphone, making it less appealing to lug around with a large tablet.  At this time, people are very much addicted to their large-screen phablets; even those who at first thought of large screen phones as an unlikely and burdensome scenario.

I firmly believe that the reason Apple originally did not want to get into the phablet market is that it would potentially shrink its iPad growth.  

With more and more people buying 5 to 6” phablets, less people see it as absolutely necessary to buy a large tablet, even more so since the tablets are not usually subsidized or on payment plans.  

What will Apple do to regain some traction and reignite consumer attraction for the love of tablets?  I would like to learn your thoughts on what it would take for you to find it absolutely irresistible to buy a large tablet from companies like Apple.

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