Monday, August 17, 2015

FM Radio Coming to a Smartphone Near You

Everyone knows who the most revolutionary wireless carrier is:  T-Mobile, The UNcarrier, with it's unconventional business moves has shifted trends and turned the industry on its head to make changes that customers love and have added to TMUS's bottom line.

So, what's next?  T-Mobile's own CEO, John Legere, fired up a tweet exclaiming: "Hey @NextRadioApp - We heard you! We're saying yes to FM chip and will push our OEM partners to support!

This move is a no-brainer for a company that is poised to be one of the only wireless companies that offers unlimited data, as it will relieve the data demand on their network.  After all, most people are either streaming music or videos on their devices.  Reduce the number of folks listening to streaming music and you have got some data that can relieve network constraints while the next gen technologies are implemented.

What do you think about being able to stream live radio via an antenna on your smartphone?  It is already being done in other countries.  In fact, the USA is the only country where carriers either disable or uninstall the hardware that allows you to listen to radio using a built-in antenna right on your mobile device.

Could streaming local TV be the next move?  One could only hope a digital tuner could stream television without killing your battery, but that's another story.  Battery technology is already in the works to support such functions.  In fact, the next series of Galaxy devices to be deployed in 2016 will feature battery technology that will blow your mind.  Don't say we did not tell you.

Until then, we're happy to stream all the music we can both online and now, locally, thanks to Magenta's forward-looking CEO, John Legere.

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