Saturday, June 1, 2013

Google Glass for Law Enforcement Officials?

Could Google Glass be exactly what law enforcement officials need? Google Glass has been modified to not include very high tech software that uses facial recognition to identify all that come within the visual periphery of the spectacles. What if there was a version of these glasses that only law enforcement could wear? They can already scan your driver’s license in their computer to search out their database, they can scan your license plate and they can determine if you have insurance coverage, where the person who the vehicle is registered to lives and whether there are any pending warrants tied to the license plate. Anyone can drive by a house, jot down the address and then use a service like,, or the white pages online to see who you are, and read your entire presence on the web.

So, would you be against law enforcement officials from being able to use these technologies while they stand in a crowd at a parade, transportation station, or a large sporting event? Give us your thoughts about the use of this technology by everyday people vs. law enforcement officials.

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