Sunday, June 23, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4: The Verdict

Here is one of our reader's views on the Galaxy S4.  I love his objectiveness and candidness while explaining thoroughly what he likes and dislikes about the S4.

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Review by Daylon Deon:

Okay ... you boys and girls wanted to know how I thought the Samsung Galaxy S4 stacked up .. so here's my review.


• design is actually better than I thought; slim, lightweight

• screen is beautiful , the full HD super AMOLED is awesome; 4.99” doesn’t even seem big

• features are plenty; various options for air view, multi-window etc; a bunch of them!

• battery performs very well under heavy use

• 4G LTE on T-Mobile is super fast (trumped AT&T in comparison)

• WatchOn app controls your TV; very nice when the remote gets lost

• camera features are great (so many to enhance a photo)

• quad core processor makes apps and games flawless when launching and playing

• storage can be extended; already ordered a 32GB memory card (there's an update coming to allow apps to be moved to SD)


• might have been just me but taking screenshots was hit or miss both with the (home+power way) and (sliding hand across screen way)

• no way to uninstall some of the useless preinstalled apps. you can disable or remove updates but not uninstall

• limited number of wallpaper options included; I like a variety of wallpaper choices but there weren’t many

• speakers and volume aren’t much to smile at; ringtone and notification can use a little boost in my opinion

This is the first Samsung phone that I've "owned". I've played with quite a few but never used one for my day to day. I've always been an HTC guy but this is the best phone I've ever owned. 

It's impressive on just about every level.

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