Tuesday, September 2, 2014

T-Mobile's UNcarrier 7.0 really WILL be personal!!! gears have been turning ever since the announcement.  Here are is my educated guess.  Bear with me, hear me out, then tell me what you think.

The clue was given by T-Mobile in its invitation: Password - Speakeasy. The fact is that T-Mobile is venturing into a NEW form of UNLIMITED communication. Via the iPhone 6, you will have the ability to make Facetime-like calls on T-Mobile's network to anyone who downloads the application onto their phones/tablets.
History: Speakeasy, an broadband internet service provider and Voice over IP carrier based in Seattle, Washington, United States are known for their liberal usage policies for home users whereby subscribers are explicitly permitted to run any number of serversand are permitted to resell their connectivity to others through the "NetShare" service. They are also known for their support of Linux and BSD-derivative operating systems (like iOS/Mac AND Android), and were the first provider to offer a customized version of Mozilla Firefox to customers, in January 2005.[3] Speakeasy merged with a company called MegaPath in 2010. Well, in July 2014, MegaPath announced a partnership with CounterPath Corporation to deliver CounterPath Bria desktop, tablet and mobile UC services through MegaPath’s Hosted Voice service. The Unified Communications features include screen sharing collaboration, text messaging, fixed-mobile convergence, and video conferencing. You'll be happy to know that the MegaPath network is an MPLS-enabled, all-optical IP network that serves over 235 U.S. metro markets. The company offers Internet connectivity services including Ethernet, T1 and Bonded T1, DSL, wireless, and cable.

 Soooooo.... The HUGE announcement is likely going to be that, since MegaPath (Speakeasy) completed a nationawide Ethernet over copper (EoC) network expansion in 2012, which means they are able to transmit WiFi signals through a network that spans the entirety of the United States, T-Mobile will likely either offer something like Republic wireless in that WiFi calling which ironically was implemented right around 2010, when Speakeasy merged with MegaPath. With the newest iteration of the iPhone now supporting WiFi Calling, a first for Apple Devices, what a better time to ride the wave of excitement than one day after the launch of such device to announce the NEW T-Mobile Broadband enhanced network for UNLIMITED talk, text, and TRULY unlimited data with no restrictions via their new alliance with MegaPath/Speakeasy!!! PLUS a new T-Mobile Exclusive App that allows you to make unlimited calls (without throttling) to anyone with the app.

This is a conjecture based on some research I have done, thanks in parts to our good friends at Wikipedia for the cited background info. What do you think? Would this be enough to JUMP into a plan that gives you more than ANY other US wireless carrier could ever give you. Your thoughts and comments are, as always, appreciated. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel: CellPhonius too and follow me on Twitter @maestroalvarez and on Google Plus +Danny Alvarez

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  1. Unlikely TMo will move back to Bobsled calling, but it could mean unlimited data via video calling.


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