Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sprint attempts to beat T-Mobile to the Punch

One day before T-Mobile announces their UNcarrier 7.0, Sprint says that the price fight is on! 

Ok, T-Mobile.  Let's see what you have to offer tomorrow to totally obliterate this deal.  

To be fair, T-Mobile's plan includes 3.5GB-5GB of Mobile HotSpot Data (at the average value of $10/GB of mobile tethering) T-Mobile still has the best deal.  

Also, this Sprint deal is ONLY available for new or renewing customers.  The vast majority of their subscribers likely will not benefit from the new price structure immediately.  When T-Mobile offers a deal, they extend the deal to ALL of their post-paid subscriber base. 

UPDATE:  Sprint just raised the bar!  They are offering a leased iPhone 6 or 6 Plus PLUS unlimited data, txt, voice for $70!!! This is getting good, stay tuned!!!

Will  beat  's deal tomorrow?  We'll just have to wait and see.

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