Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Why Companies like T-Mobile and Samsung are Winning

Photo Credit: John Legere's Twitter Feed/Vine

Why Deutche Telecom still wants to rid itself of T-Mobile is beyond me. T-Mobile is yet to see its full potential. With the leadership of John Legere, customers are sure to get what they ask for, resulting in fat wallets for investors. Monopolies are no longer as powerful as they used to be. T-mobile, for example, has forced the two largest wireless companies in the United States of America to lower their prices and restructure their products, not to mention change their brand strategy. 

Both Samsung and T Mobile have been benefiting from listening to their customers. In fact, I would venture to say that all wireless customers are also reporting benefits whether they are T-Mobile subscribers, Samsung users or not.  The reason is that these two entities have forced the competition, as untouchable as they once were or thought to have been, to change their ways; all to the benefit of the customer. 

The bottom line, is the customer. Therefore, if you listen to the customer, you cannot fail. Companies will have to learn the easy way, or the hard way, that they are to listen to the customer's requests or demands in order to command greater marketshare. Case-in-point, Legere's UNcarrier strategy has propelled Magenta and their stock to the point where many companies have expressed interest in purchasing T Mobile.

So, you can thank John Legere for your wireless provider offering you more minutes, more text messages, and more data. Competition is what drives the market nowadays. No longer do one or two companies get to decide the price structure and set parameters for the industry. John Leger has shown that it IS possible to offer more for less, and start the force the industry to respond to customers demands. Who is leading the change will lead in marketshare at the end of the day.

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