Wednesday, September 10, 2014

T-Mobile STRIKES all Carriers HARD with UNcarrier 7.0

Let's cut to the chase:

T-Mobile is Offers the following via their new initiatives:

  • WiFi UNleashed!!! Allways have 5-Bars Free Personal "CellSpot" device built by Asus, a WiFi router , for customers ($25 refundable deposit / must have a compatible cellphone)
  • Introduces Next Generation - WiFi Calling and Texting
    • Mobile Network to WiFi and Vice-versa Handoff (WiFi Off-Flow)
    • Every smartphone will be WiFi enabled

  • Open Enrollment into JUMP: to get a WiFi enabled phone

  • Simple Global Enhanced: Int'l Calling is now FREE for all WiFi Calling T-Mobile Customers

  • Partnered with Gogo for FREE In-Flight Texting using your WiFi Texting capabilities

They classify themselves, not as a Wireless Network Provider, they are a Data Network Provider, a Mobile Internet Company.

So, what do you think?

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