Monday, September 29, 2014

iPhone 6 Plus "Bend-gate" = Samsung Galaxy Note 4 "Gap-Gate"?

No phone is perfect.  In fact, even the perception of perfection standards of the iPhone brand was blemished in the latest iteration of their phone.  As many of you have already read about and seen pictures of, the iPhone 6 Plus bends.  However, Samsung has a possible problem, at least in the first couple of thousand deliveries, primarily in South Korea, of their phones having a gap between the frame of the phone and the display/screen.  Purportedly, you can stick a business card between the gap.  This is a major no-no as dust and water may be able to seep in and damage the pricey device.  This issue is already known by Samsung.
(source: Twitter - @iamdjdarryl_868)

My conjecture would be that Samsung simply rushed the launch of the device in their home country to hopefully curve iPhone 6 Plus sales in South Korea.  A smart move, unless of course, your device has not passed final inspection.  No one should release a phone with design features in Beta mode.  In all honesty, during CellPhonius' preview of the device, the issue went un-noticed, giving us hope that only the first batch of devices had this issue.  The last thing Samsung wants is its next big thing to have any time of "gates".  We will learn more as the launch date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 gets closer and we get our unit for unboxing, review, and first impressions.

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