Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Facetime" for Android? - Verizon Advance Calling 1.0

Verizon says that "The future is crystal clear", even though CellPhonius' own Danny thinks it's an old trick, straight out of the HTC Evo's launch.  You remember the Evo's video chat capabilities, right?  Well, just in case you don't, the Evo was THE first consumer mobile handset that allowed users to perform video calls over WiFi at first, then over Sprint's mobile 4G network.

Well, Verizon is announcing their new service called Verizon Advance Calling 1.0 which touts the ability of ANDROID users with either a Samsung Galaxy S5 or an LG G2 to perform Voice over LTE calls.  From the call screen, you will be able to simply pick Camera to begin a video call between two people who have these specific devices for an HD experience beyond just voice.  Of course, the caviat is that you must live in an LTE/VoLTE market.

This is really a move in the right direction for Verizon's network. It would be nice to see T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint also enable this on their networks.

Would this be a feature you would likely use or is it just another unnecessary gimmick with so many video chat applications available?  Too, given that this is not yet cross-platform nor cross-network, is it worth all of the noise?  No doubt that like advancements will continue to come to light as competition heats up.  But, being data throttled as we are, I cannot imagine this being something that can be sustainable, for the moment being.  Networks need to figure out how to provide their patrons with truly unlimited, un-throttled access to data to truly enjoy the full capabilities of their handsets.

TRUE freedom; one that only comes from two of the three providers: T-Mobile and Sprint, for the moment being, albeit at a price.

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