Wednesday, September 10, 2014

AT&T Goes for T-Mobile's Jugular via Cricket

Oh... It's on.  With +Cricket Wireless (owned by +AT&T ) now offering increased data caps for all of their tiered plans, We'll just have to see what +T-Mobile brings to the table during their UNcarrier Announcement.  

Here's what Cricket is now offering: 
Basic gets 1GB - was 500mb @ $40 with $5 autopay discount = $35
Smart 3GB - was 2.5GB $50 with $5 autopay discount =$45
Pro 10GB - was 5GB $60 with $5 autopay discount is $55

So, for just $5 more than T-Mobile's basic plan, you get 10GB of high speed 4G LTE data, T-Mobile will really have to show some good numbers to make its case to the customers.  Otherwise, Cricket will move to attempt to eat their lunch.

Here's my guess on UNcarrier 7.0:

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