Friday, September 12, 2014

Google and Asus preparing the Nexus Player, FIRST Android TV devices


I heard it through the webvine that Asus and Google are releasing, right along with Android L, this fall, Android TV which is similar to its mobile OS, but it is engineered to run on smart TVs and set-top boxes.  As you may expect, this (Roku-like) device will be super-optimized for watching YouTube but will also feature services from Netflix, multiple radio services and a whole range of video options.
I know, I know... we keep hearing of Google TV, but this times, Google is serious about proliferating these great quality devices at a low price and bring it to the masses.  You'll be happy to know that this device will respond to voice commands for those who are too tired to reach for a remote, which will likely, too be a component of this offering.

Asus is not alone, though in the production of Android TV, other partners bring these devices to a Black Friday store near you include, TP Vision, Philips, Sharp, Sony, and others.  We expect that the Asus-made device will be available thru Google's Play Store, too.

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